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Ask the Patriarch 178
I do not understand why in the name of organization is the word church?

from: Woody Lipinski

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I do not understand why in the name of organization is the word church?

The church is a group of people who believe.  As a freethinker person I do not want to be in any church or among believers.

Why AA need the word "church", we are AA and should be enough.

Woody Lipinski

The Patriarch replies:

Dear Woody:

This has been addressed more than once before. As it keeps coming up, I guess I should add it to the FAQ section on the main page someday. Oh - wait a minute - it already is part of the FAQ! It was added there last July. It would be nice if people actually looked at the first page on the site before they complained!

To save you the difficulty of clicking on Home, and then looking for the conveniently highlighted FAQ section, I'll give you the links right here to the responses to previous variations of your question at:

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The best argument I know of for dropping the word "church" is that it might discourage the type of request contained in Ask the Patriarch 176 - the mindless web search on the word church to find someone trusting from whom to obtain money.

Calling this a church still amuses me. As it is me that does most of the work and and it is me who personally funds the operation, I'm not going to change it. In my opinion, what I'm doing works. I know of no other agnostic organization as successful as this one.

I understand you disapprove, but I really don't care.

You don't have to share my sense of humor. Feel free to join another agnostic organization or start your own. If you do, I'd probably accept a request for a link exchange.

John Tyrrell