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Is there anyone like you?

from: Elizabeth

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I love this site; really funny and clever; especially ordination; graduate degree; the tshirt; and unbaptism. Are there similar sites ?

I love standup comedy and all comedy and this site inspires me to laugh at life and love life; Are there any other similar links to similar sites you can suggest?

The Patriarch replies:


You have a timely question given that I have announced that updates to this site are about to become quite infrequent.

To be honest, I don't spend that much time checking out other websites anymore so I am not sure what is out there. I'd ask other readers of this site to contribute their own suggestions - either in the Disqus comments section below or via the contact form.

I'll give a few links in the meantime focussing on those that seem to be in it for the long term ---

I do like The Onion. It has a distinct anti-religious bent. And I find that Jesus and Mo tickles my funny bone.

Principia Discordia provides a good introduction to a parody religion that's been around for over fifty years. According to i09, it's the greatest fake religion of all time.

Landover Baptist Church has also been around longer than this web site - beating us by two years. Unfortunately it appears not to have been updated for about 3 years. However, there's a huge archive of back material. A spinoff from Landover, Betty Bowers, "America's Best Christian" remains active on Facebook.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (or Pastafarianism) seems to have staying power - and a lot bigger membership.

Hopefully, through the comments, we'll get a number of other suggestions.

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