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Reflections on Ethics & Morality

The Church Position on Ethics

The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic (UCTAA) takes no official position on Ethics and Morality. As acceptance of the Articles of the UCTAA by members of the Church involves a personal intellectual decision rather than an act of faith, similarly, decisions on Ethics and Morality should be determined through a personal intellectual process rather than blindly following rules set down by any Church.

However, if you need simple guidance, then the Church suggests that if you do right by others, you will do right by yourself.

Learn From Others

The moral teachings of many other religions and philosophies have value even if you do not accept the spiritual element. You have a personal responsibility to assess these teachings and decide for yourself the applicability to your own life.

Reflections on Ethics

This section provides writings on Ethics and Morality. The intent is not to dictate morality, but to discuss how we each should determine for ourselves how to live our lives.

Your submissions to the Ethics section of this site, or for discussions following up on any issue presented here are welcome. Prepare your article in your favourite text processor and use the Article Submission Form to submit it for publication.

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