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Discussion 1 to Reflections on Ethics 33
I will put my faith with God

by Anthony DeLucchi

Re: Reflection 33

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Hey Joe,

I have just read through your reflection, must admit you do make a very reasonable point, but unfortunately Joseph, all Humanity is not equal!

If all of humanity had the same level of education, the same level of knowledge, the same understanding of this knowledge then we might, just might be able to get along reasonably well without any jealousy, greed and vanity. We could then even create the perfect Ideal for which to strive, honour, nobleness of spirit and selflessness.

Now look out of the window see the people in the street, most of them avoid eye contact, climb into a lift (elevator) and notice not one person speaks, they barely breathe, stop at the robots (traffic light intersection) everyone has the gaze fixed forward, no smiles, no greetings and you expect the masses to comply to reasonable thought?

If this be the case why do we have security, why is it necessary to have the people policed? Even believers who have a set of laws which are placed to guide them, transgress, how can we expect the greater mass of humanity to by reason alone to govern their impulses to conform to the better good of society? Yes I am asking some seemingly silly questions, I do understand your argument and I am frustrated that by and large the greater mass of humanity just have not cottoned onto this. I am sure even the most uneducated of people know within themselves what is wrong and what is acceptable and most do behave within these boundaries set by their consciences, but as we might have this leaning to goodness, there is much which is Machiavellian about us, that which we can hide we hide, that which we can do in the darkness of our own self we will do as long as we are sure nobody knows. So to trust in the reasonableness of man is folly.

No Joey old son, I will put my faith with God and I will count the steps I take and make restitution where my clumsy feet might have stumbled and make sure he that is beside me trusts God a lot more than he trusts me.....