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Talk Back: Opposing Views

This section is provided for those who do not agree with everything that is presented at this site. Here is your chance to "Talk Back" and present your point of view. It is your chance to tell us why we are wrong. It is your chance to convert us.

How do you Talk Back? Simply prepare your submission in your favorite text processor and upload it using the Article Submission Form linked from the Contact page. Please try and comply with the submission guidelines below.

Alternatively - if you have comments on a specific article, you may comment directly and immdediately using the Disqus discussion section at the bottom of more recent articles. Or you may make a submission for Debate and Discourse which will get published in the routine update cycle.

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Submission Guidelines

You MUST provide your valid e-mail address, or we cannot contact you about your submission. Your address will not be published with the article unless that is your expressed wish. Our preference is to protect the privacy of writers and not publish email addresses.

Your submission will not be edited for content, [although I reserve the right to edit blatant spelling and grammar errors - or choose not to do so, ] and by submitting for publication you will be indicating that you are solely responsible for any legal issues resulting therefrom, including but not limited to suits for libel and slander.

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