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God is unknowable

by Gabriel

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First, I would like to point out that God is not something one can know, only believe. I read one of your talkbacks and one girl said that she can't explain what she feels but it is the holy spirit. First of all, I question if what she feels is in fact God? Just because she feels something, it is her choice to say it is God, that doesn't mean it is God.

I am personally agnostic, thus I feel that God is unknowable and inexpressible if he is indeed knowable. I am a Philosophy major at Ohio Wesleyan University and I have seen a lot of arguments for the right and left side of the spectrum, namely atheist and theistic. It is not my place to say that noone knows the answer or doesn't, however I think that for a person to just take one belief and claim that it is right is beyond our capabilities of knowledge.

God is only the result of our individual minds and we believe what we want to believe, not necessarily what is the "truth". If God does exist, I think it a personal insult to say without a doubt that he/she/it or whatever does exist without questioning, logically or rationally. I want to step back and say to people who believe that God is beyond rational thinking that God IS bound by logical principles.

For instance, God has to exist or not exist. There is no middle to existence. It must be one or the other, thus God cannot be everything, that some people assert. If God was everything then he would also be non-existent, but we have shown that is logically impossible. If God exists and created man with a free will and a creative mind, then I would think it very sad of the human species to just take faith so passively without questioning. It is an arrogance that I see if someone doesn't question and just say God exists. It is a personal insult to our species with the capability to learn and question and a waste of God's creation of the best mind of all.

Another reason for my agnosticism is the fact that if an atheist exists and a theologian exists and take the negation of the other, which one is right? Some christians say that their religion is the only religion and that it is right, but then we have the atheist who says no God exists. Since both can't be correct, one must be correct. Which One? That is why I think it ignorant and close-minded to take one side over the other. I think that both give our minds too much credit! It IS unknowable!!!

In addition to saying whether God even exists, we start to state that God has characteristics. What is this? We can't even know whether God exists but now we give him characteristics? How ironic; there goes our human nature to label things again! But that is off topic.

Christians say that God is good for instance. What is good?

Great men, such as Socrates and Plato, have discussed the definition of good and virtue and never found concrete answers, so what makes us think we are something special?

I will give one example of how I can't take a side on the spectrum of religion. First, if God exists, God created free will through the creation of man, and if free will produces evil, then it would seem logical to say that God created evil. That would then throw away the idea of Satan all together! If there is any loopholes in this argument then I would like to know about it. That is just one example of the inconsistencies in arguments about the existence of God.

However I also take into consideration the fact that it is very probable that God does exists. Again, I would like to state that God is a fun and enduring thing to think about, and even more complicated to arrive at a solid argument for either side and I have not found one. I just want to point out that with the gift of a mind like ours, I hope people don't go past the ability of the mind to know what knowledge is. For all beliefs are not true knowledge. I love to talk about this stuff so email me back and I would also appreciate it if you put me on the talkback section of this webpage.

Thanks and I hope I have sparked some reasons why questioning is the only valid method to talk about God.