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Talk Back 10
You people really make no sense

by Andrea Johnson

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You people are really make no sense, look around and you will see that there is a God. You can not see him with your fleshly eyes, only with your spiritual eyes, He is here; just knock and the door will be open to you. As far as your motto goes "don't know and don't care", well you must if your willing to go as far as making a website for it, if you truly seek Him with a whole heart, He will be found, and I am not crazy, I have just found the Truth, which seems to be what you are looking for.

In Christ's name,


ps Please reply back. Thank you"

Our response

Sorry Andrea, but your argument is just not convincing to me.

But, I would like to publish your message in the Talk Back section of the main church site, so what you have to say can be read by others. Can I have your permission to do that? And if you'd like to change anything before I publish, please do so and include it in your reply.

If you do give me permission to publish, I will not include your e-mail address unless you specifically request. me to.

Best wishes

John Tyrrell

Andrea's reply

Dear John:

What makes you so great that you need all this evidence? Atheistic scientists will never find the answers you are looking for, the answers are found in the Bible and especially in Jesus Christ and by asking Him. I am no better than you are and you are no better than I, as well to the next person and so on. Just look around, the world just didn't come into a big bang and every thing was there, well actually it did, by the hand of a Mighty Lord,

We as humans are not supreme at the very top and we do have someone to answer to- the Creator! Stop bringing God down to our humanly futile level, His ways are higher that our ways!!! Not everything is meant to be understood by our piddly little minds.

I really pray for you that you will find the answers that you seek, but as it is written, only a wicked and evil generation ask for a sign, and whether we like it or not we are a wicked generation, look around. It's not going to get any better. Prophecy is being fulfilled daily and then every knee will bow including your own and everyone will confess with their mouths and hearts that He is Lord. He is the He is. Be willing to have faith and step out on the waters and meet Him and you will be amazed.

In Christ's most wonderful name:


ps Yes you may publish these letters and my email address.*Thank you for giving me the opportunity to open some eyes and I don't mean the eyes in your head, it's the eyes in your heart that only God can see, because as it is written, He is the discerner of the heart. God is Love, may you find His love.


* Address subsequently deleted as we changed our policy of publishing email addresses to protect our correspondents.