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Talk Back 13
If you cared enough

by Kathryn

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"If you cared enough to put forth the effort to believe in God...He would show you He is real. But I realize you don't care. Yet, whether you care or not, He is still God and He still reveals Himself through his Word, through people, through circumstances, through the kindness of others, and through love. The faithlessness of others doesn't nullify the faithfulness of God.

So what have you got to lose in caring about the possibility of God? I note that you realize the seeming apathy of the Creator. God does care and the wicked will get what they deserve at judgement day. So will the righteous. Until then, there are certain rules that God abides by.

I think He seems apathetic toward those who are apathetic toward Him. That is only because your eyes are blinded. Whether you care to believe or don't care to believe you are still choosing something and that something is not God. Man sinned. The devil and his demons are the rulers of this world- at least until Jesus comes back.

What God does is provide the grace and power to make it through this tough world. You'll get your chance to decide whether or not God is real when you stand in front of him at judgement day. If I were you, I'd make the right choice.

In a court of law witnesses appear to testify as to what they saw and what they believe they know. That is enough for the judge and jury to decide between fact and fiction. The more witnesses the stronger a case. In the same instance, more than half the world's population believes in a higher power/God. That is a heck of a lot of witnesses to substantiate my case. And every one of them could be a witness as to why they believe in God...maybe a miracle happened in their life, maybe an angel appeared and spoke about God. Why isn't a witness's testimony enough for you?

About the eternal damnation. That's not how God planned it from the beginning. He set down rules in the Garden of Eden and man sinned and disobeyed. If we disobey our parents there are consequences. Why shouldn't God be any different?

We all are under authority. Federal government, state, local. There's also authority that comes from being God. The whole universe is set up on the basis of rules and laws. That's just how it is. After man sinned God had to set up a list of laws for people to follow. Then, He sent Jesus, to bridge the gap between people who sin, and Himself - who doesn't sin. Upon accepting His son, we are back under God's good graces and He loves us like a father is supposed to love his children. There are some things you simply need to accept. You care enough to accept the laws of the land, do you not? Or do you go around robbing banks?

I may not be able to ever prove that there is a God. But I can prove, by eyewitness testimony, that there is a devil. The angel of death appeared in my doorway one night last year. A large, dark, cloaked, and hooded figure. I prayed and he went away, luckily. I can assume if there is evil there is also a greater good that is called God. I have a gift to see into the spiritual realm...if I ever see God, I'll let ya know.

God bless your apathy, John Tyrrell.