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Talk Back 17
Why is there so much hate and or trouble in this world?

by Malissa

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My friend just became a ordained minister for your church, and I asked him, exactly what did he and the church believe in and he pointed me to this web site.

I have read your site and lots of the comments made by other Christians. I must first say I am also Christian.

I am not here to judge your belief or persecute you because of it so I ask you to do the same for me.

One of the comments I have noticed and or question your church has, is if there is God, then why is there so much hate and or trouble in this world? Why does he allow his children to suffer?

His word says that WHEN the storms come to believe in him and put your trust in him. It doesn't say IF the storms come. The storms to me is troubles and trials that many of us face. So he never said become saved and believe in me and you will never go through another storm. If it was that easy that if we become saved and no longer have a problem or a care' then why long for Heaven? I mean that would be "heaven on earth" so to speak. He continues to tell us to long for Heaven and to always look up for the 2nd coming of Christ. To always look for his Kingdom.

If we were always happy and always getting everything that our "hearts" desire here on earth' then we wouldn't be looking for Heaven or looking for his kingdom because we would be living in perfect peace here below. There really wouldn't be any need in doing doing those things he asks us to do, now would they?

Also I believe in my heart that he breaks us so that we will rely on him more. He breaks us down to where he can put us back together again' to prove his existance to us. We must one believe in him and have faith that he is real.

To tell you why I believe in God I can not put it into words, but I know that I know that I know that he is real. I've never doubted his existance, although I have questioned things before as we all have. I still know he is real.

Have I always went to church? no. Have I always lived a perfect life? no, will I? no, the only time I'll live a perfect, sinless life is when I am in Heaven with all the other believers and Christ Jesus, our Lord.

But what's so great about God is, he knows we will not be perfect. He knows we will sin and fall short of the graces of God. But nothing we can do can make God love us anymore and nothing we can do to make him love us any less.

In Christ,