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Talk Back 20

by Tyler

Editor's note: Some may recognize the author as the writer of Meditation 12. We regret to note that he has chosen to leave our church, but he has found his own way, and that is good.

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In this essay, I will attempt to explain and give my opinions on various paranormal phenomenons. Some of these include clairvoyance (the ability to see things or happenings that are not perceptible to others), telekinesis (the ability to influence the outcome or conduct of physical objects or events), near-death experiences (NDEs), remote viewing and “reincarnation”.

First, I would like to share with you, the reader, my on going philosophy of how reality (whatever that may be) functions. Recently, quantum physicists have shown that there exist eleven dimensions. The first three dimensions are evident in our “realm of physical existence”. The fourth dimension is thought to be time. So with this, what exactly are the remaining dimensions? What exists out of the realm of time? What is time? All are very valid questions and are presently not understood.

I wish now to offer my theory of what enables the ability that is known as the phenomena of clairvoyance. Actually, with this, let me include remote viewing and telekinesis because I believe that they are all similar in how they are achieved. Please view the following graph of the interconnections of all men that I call “God”.

God's interconnections

The small circles that are connected with the large circle (“God”) represent you and I, the necessary “parts” that make up “God”. With this, I believe that an individual is able to “read” other’s minds, “see” past memories, and alter reality (whatever that may be) through the right temporal lobe (the area of the brain that is located near the temple area of the head and is used for short-term memory) that is connected to the Universal Mind or “God”.

Now after explaining my theory of the interconnection of individual’s mind and “God”, I will offer some insight on “reincarnation”. Some people insist that the “new person” has the same “spirit” of the “old person”. I do not agree with this theory but rather with the right temporal lobe theory. I have come to believe that the person has a “more sensitive” right temporal lobe than that of the common person and can “pickup” memories of the “old person’s” life.

This leads me to near-death experiences (NDEs). An NDE is when an individual’s physical body temporarily dies. Although this person is medically dead, and is without the function of the normal five senses, s/he is able to recall the surroundings that were around them when they were physically dead. They report “floating near the ceiling” and that they could “see the people around my physical body”. Often times, the medical personnel that were working on the patient confirmed the events that were recalled.

Although I am unable to explain what happens to the “spiritual self” after death but according to the individuals that survived, it is “a peaceful experience”.