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What if there is a God?

by Peter

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What if God exists? Though it can't be proved, it also can't be disproved.

If there is a loving Creator what does it mean for us, and our one chance, in this life, to make our relationship right with him?

The truth is God loves all people more than we can imagine. To go through life and not know Him personally means that true peace will never enter one's heart. All it takes to change one's life radically is to pray to Jesus, God's son, who being perfect and having suffered greatly during his death was an adequate sacrifice for God for the sins of people.

To clear our sin debt just takes a simple prayer like this from the heart: Jesus Lord, I acknowledge you as my personal Savior and am sorry for my sins. Please enter my life, and guide and protect me from now on. To those that believe in Jesus, theirs is the gift of eternal life.

Editor's response:

You've hit the nail on the head!

What if there is a "loving Creator?"

Then that god cares about how we live our lives, not about wasting time in meaningless religious rituals.

If the rituals are actually what's important to this so-called creator - then that god is not worthy of my attention. And that god is not "loving." Rather that god is a typical 8th century BC village tyrant. And I'd prefer not to spend eternity in its presence.

Peter replies:

Thanks for your reply,..who am I to say what is right or wrong. I just believe that it is only in giving that one feels fulfilled. It is only in loving that true peace can come; I have gone through selfish times, and tried to please myself any/every way possible but nothing comes close to kneeling before the creator, and submitting to Him...sure its not always easy, but a few times I felt such strong love that tears came to my eyes and my whole body got the biggest energy boost I ever felt! How much more, I believe, that upon redeeming us God would bestow on us a blessing beyond imagination.