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Talk Back 27
Praise the name of Jesus

Submitted by: Daniel Walters

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Praise the name of Jesus. The King of the whole created order. Jesus is worthy of our praises because, even today, 2000 years after his crucifixion, he still saves people. He has created us as people of faith. Faith in his name alone will save you from separation from Him. That is what the good news is. Eternal Life. With Him. Together. Loving. Sharing. He knows you. He died for you to make this possible. Blood is required for sin. (If not His, then yours) He died in your place. You mustn't feel guilty anymore. It is finished. That is it. Jesus laid his life down for you, because of who he is. He never changes. 'I Am the Way the Truth and the Life' says the King. Wow! He is the Truth, face him! Cry out for forgiveness!

He is looking at your heart now.

Say His name.

Worship the King.

He loves You.

He gave His life for you.

Why shouldn't he want any less from you!

Listen to what your spirit agrees with. Your reason is in the way. Pick up your Bible and read with new eyes and praise the name of Jesus

Love, your Jonah.