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Talk Back 29
Knowing God

by Nicky

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My name is Nicky and I've been a believer in God for 4 years. I think that it is completely wrong and absurd to say that just because your 'church' doesn't know if there is a God that no one else does. You mentioned in a comment to someone else's feedback the following: "Consider the spectrum of religious belief. At one end are the believers who are absolutely certain in their particular set of beliefs. To them, god's existence is unquestioned. They know it absolutely. In my view this position is intellectually untenable because it is inconsistent with their definition of god, which includes the claim that god is beyond human comprehension. Those who express absolute certainty are not using the brains they think their god gave them."

To say what you said was understandable but uneducated (which is also understandable since you don't sound like you read much of the bible or study it). As human beings* we all question the existence of God. And as believers* we all know there is one true God. No, I didn't say believe. I said we know. We know because it's not only a choice we make to believe, but it's in our hearts. When you truly believe in God in your heart, you just know that He is there. It isn't logical and it's not explainable or able to be proven. But then again not too many beliefs are. When Christians say that "God is beyond human comprehension" it means that we as humans don't fully understand God at all times. But sometimes your heart understands things that your mind can't possibly. It's a wonderful thing called faith!