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What specifically do you mean?

by Kathy

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"If there is a God, and that God does not appear to care, then there is no reason to concern ourselves with whether or not a Supreme Being exists, nor should we have any interest in satisfying the purported needs of that Supreme Being. However, our apathy to the question of God's existence does not necessarily mean we are apathetic about promoting agnosticism."

Above is what you have printed in your website. I'm confused as to why you say "God does not appear to care". Is sounds to me, and I may be wrong, with so many disasters going on in the world... that God is not putting a stop to this? Hmmm. That's my take of what you're saying. It sounds to me the same situation as if a kid gets himself in trouble, and his parents don't just automatically take care of the trouble for him (by getting him out of the trouble) i.e. buying his way out of it, or just refusing for their child to take the discipline..... sounds like you're expecting "God" to smooth every path in front of us so we don't get ourselves in trouble. What learning is there in that for us? We need to learn from our mistakes... "God" allows us to make mistakes.. and learn from them, improve ourselves and go on. That's the natural path... and that's what feels right (of course in my opinion).

That's a pretty general statement of yours "God does not appear to care" What specifically do you mean? Cause there are natural disasters that happen? Cause there is crime in the world? What do YOU mean when you say that?