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God First

by Roy Perry
Agapao Bible Research Fellowship

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God first.

God first.

Here I Roy William Perry III know by some as year2027 sat as I write unto the Church of God of the Internet Grace and love be unto you my dear friends from God our Father - Mother and all so from his beloved Son Jesus the Christ the seed within us our Savior and Lord.

What is love? but that which has saved us from death after death and given us life after life What is love? but giving to them that are in need What is love? but watching over the ones who are part of us What is love? The answers are endless.

Just like true love itself has no end and its beginning was the beginning of all things Love came first before any thing est Love is what God himself is For God is pure love.

It was love that made the heaven and the earth and it was love that put everything in its order and made everything full of life It was the return love of everything in the heaven and earth that were created, made and formed that gave God the rest he needed.

But by and by came envy for the flesh became envy of the spirit The animal life became envy of man made in the image of God one thing became envy of another until Man try to become more than he was.

It was a lie that grew over time until flesh play the part of spirit and animal life play the part of mankind For one third of all things play God and lost sight of truth and began to die.

But God who is rich in mercy and grace look within his heart for a way to get all things back to the order of truth By the coming of his son Jesus the Christ and after Christ gave his life for all hope was there and all was found that had been lost for many years.

For many had found a part here and there which they taught to the children of God that were reaching for a order of love But that order is here now and we no longer need to receive a piece of truth here and there because the seed of Christ within us has all truth.

We just need to reach for the truth we have by walking by the spirit as we learn to put the flesh and body subject to the correct order of things again And not just mankind are we too subject to our spirit but all of the things that were set under our rulership long ago.

This how Jesus Christ walk on water he put the water back under the rule of his spirit Just like we must do if we are to rule over water When we heal others we are the take that rulership of the fleshly cells of the body and clean them by the spirit of truth inside us.

For we have the power if we just walk in the spirit that Jesus the Christ made alive again after its death back in the garden of Eden For all death goes back to the garden of Eden and all life began before the garden of Eden and began again after Jesus the Christ was sated in his seat next to God on the side of honor.

This is what love is all about and there are not enough words the tell of the glory of love or the power of love or the strength of love For love is all and all For love is everything just and pure and as I hear my Lord Jesus the Christ telling me what to write my love goes out to each of yall.

I close with I love you.

with spiritual love, Roy


The link for Agapao Bible Research Fellowship is apparently deceased. If you have any interest in what Roy has to say beyond what he wrote here, you can find his YouTube channel by googling year2027.