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I do not have to prove there is a God.

by Anthony Delucchi,
Cape Town, South Africa

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The existence of God, or the existence of self?

To be or not to be?
That is the question

We are not to be, we are and everything we are is motivated by ourselves, either by our willingness to achieve a result or our reluctance to achieve something which we see as too high above us, we are the total sum of our own making.

Before we deem to question whether there be a God/Creator or not we have to question our own existence, do we exist? Are we here?

I see strangers on a train, walking down the street, I see others, oblivious of me going about doing things unknowable to me. I do not know any of them, I have not "created" them. I know they are there, to such an extent that I know if I stepped into the street a car driven by one of these strangers would run me down and kill me. I am aware of other beings, therefore I am a being as they are. I can conclude I am here!

I also am aware of other beings, which co-exist with me, unattached to me, these beings some fly through the air, others creep along the ground while a varied type walk on four legs and smaller things crawl on six and eight or many legs and some with no legs, others swim in water some live solely in water. All of this leads me to conclude once more that I am not a figment of my own fancy!

So the question arises, if I am one of so many different forms of life where do we (collectively), not just me and others like me, arise from?

There is the popular belief that we evolved out of a cosmic soup, how? All at once? At separate intervals? Did bacteria start evolving, then suddenly reach a point of sophistication and stop? Now did insects start out as one then branch off to become such a wide and numerous types and then each class and genus just stop to remain beetles and flying stuff etc.? And spiders and scorpions, lizards and snakes and birds? Then us mammals why would there be such a wide variety of mammals? If we "evolved" out of a common pool of creation, purely by selection of the most successful would there not be only ONE specie left? Because in my untrained line of reason some animals and creatures seem to have "evolved" purely to be the prey (food) of other animals and creatures. Aside, actually this is all we seem to have in common, is the fact that we all will and do eat each other.

When one steps back, and looks at the whole, not just the "living", because unfortunately all living things die, but even the non-living things, like rocks, clouds, water and stuffs. Then step further back and see the moon, the planets the sun, the stars. Look at this planet of ours, how precise the orbit around the sun is, how it lies just so upon its axis to allow for seasons and each season is just a specified time, north and south of the equator. Now these things were put into play long before we realised these things were there. Everything seems to have been "laid" out for the coming of us, the supreme mammal. Lets take an objective look at the sequence of events.

  1. First there was light
  2. Then dry land appeared and the water and land were separated
  3. Then plants and stuff grew and the land
  4. Then life grew in the water
  5. then life appeared on the land and in the air
  6. then there was man.

The six stages of the creation, populists say this is nonsense;

they say

  1. Big bang
  2. first the earth was covered by water, later the water receded (from where to where?)
  3. primitive plantlike stuffs grew and the land
  4. life began in the water
  5. life emerged out of the water and settled on the land and filled the air
  6. Man evolved

The six stages of evolution, I wonder?

To my mind there is the presence of an intelligence to the creation/evolution (whichever you wish to call it) all of this evolution follows a pattern and patterns are not random coincidences, patterns are a direct result of intelligence or controlled interference.

Does this lead me to conclude there is a God?

Not by my reasoning alone could I say there is a God, because if I did not know of God or the Bible, I could only conclude that I am here, but not purely by the actions of my parents or theirs, nor by accident, but by some outside force, some unknown action taken by something much higher than myself.

But guess what? I do not have to do this, any of this.

I do not have to prove there is a God. How can I prove something I did not start?

All the evidence I need or ever needed was collated collected and put together thousands of years before I was born. I do not need a divine revelation, those who needed them have had them and have passed this on to me over the ages, from Adam, through Enoch and Jasser through the first times of ancient Egypt, to the sheep farmer Abraham, to the various prophets, through to Christ through his apostles to some pagan listening to one of these fellows talking in a catacomb in Rome right to a direct ancestor listening to the teachings of some foreign teacher from a far off province of the Roman empire, and if it was convincing enough to them to change their entire paradigm of thought, well that is enough of a miracle for me to believe.