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Talk Back 52
Putting the Pieces of This Puzzle Together.

by Thomas J.

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Knowledge is king. It is said the first step to knowledge is to realise we know nothing. Even if you think you know something, someone will spread their doubt like a virus engulfing you, placing you in an unsure state again. But to me it is interesting putting the pieces of this wonderful puzzle together.

I'm really looking forward to the fulfillment of seeing the puzzle finally complete!! You see if there were no questions, obviously there'd be no answers. Like if there's no problem there'd be no solution. What would a plumber do if there was nothing to fix?? So if there was nothing to fix then what would be God's purpose, because just like us God desires a purpose! That is why it is said we're all created in His image.

I look at life as though I'm in school. If I don't learn my lessons I have to stay back in class. But each test passed I move to the next grade.

Just a thought, maybe God wrote all the religions. I believe He/She likes a variation. Really God isn't a he or a she because it is a spirit and it is in all of us. But of course this is considered opinion! If you study different religions, they each teach the same concepts... LOVE RESPECT PEACE... spread the good word. God bless all.

One last comment; God is like the internet... I know it is there but it is far too complicated for me to understand how it works.

Peace fellow pilgrims. I hope you find your path.