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The Sky is Blue

by Anthony DeLucchi

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The sky is blue. Why?

Because curious one, the light which reaches us from the sun is made up of 7 waves which are 7 distinct colours, but as the light reaches us it is reflected off our stratosphere and the blue waves are seen more prevalent thus giving the sky a blue colour.

Then why, wise one is the sky grey some mornings?

That is the colour of the clouds curious one, they reflect a mixture all 7 colours giving us a greyish hue, but the sky above is still blue holding the first statement true.

Oh, but tell me wise one, I see the moon is white....

Yes this is the reflection of the sun's light.

....yes, wise one, but if I stood upon the moon, would the earth be blue?

Yes curious one, because the earth is 2 thirds water and water has a great reflective ability it reflects back into space the colour of the sky.

Okay wise one this being so, why would the continents be green and brown, and yellow and the clouds be white.....

Oh curious one you ask too many damn questions....

So we ascribe colour to that which is colourless, we make statements and adjust our beliefs on what intellectuals call reason, thus we now discount everything we have been taught as naught, because we maintain these are just “stories”. Why? Just because there is no concrete proof. So if we are told in these “stories” about gods, demons and other “fairy tale creatures” then it must be “bolliewash”. Yes we cannot trust a bunch of primitive illiterates with such unscientific mumbo-jumbo. These primitives gave us mathematics, they gave us a pictoral and a phonetic alphabet, they plotted the precession of the stars, they even calculated the value of zero. They told us the earth was round (long before Aristotle told us it was flat and the stars were held in a crystal sphere) Now if they are right with the astronomy and mathematical calculations, why would their "historical" accounts be rated as unbelievable myth? Why would they throw all their attention to detail away and “create” such "rubbish"? Are we not being just a bit foolish here?

I also believed my parents were wrong until my own kids would not believe me!

I think the ancients knew a damn side more than our scholars give them credit for and they also knew things we have not the slightest idea about!