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Talk Back 59
What we know of God

by Anthony DeLucchi

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I am!

That is all we know of God, really, we cannot place a gender upon this statement, we can only assume that it is one being. This is all we need know, we cannot assume to know the nature of God, we cannot even hope to name this God, is this God human?

Although we have been told in words that we are formed in his image, what is this image? If I form something in my image, I am taking it out of my imaginings and am creating it with my hands, this does not mean it will resemble me or be like me, it will be made in whatever image I choose and this is my image. We all make the mistake of placing our imaginings and musings in the mind of God, we all are deceived into believing that what we deem fair and good is the same as God would have it. We have been given directions, we have been told fables, we have been shown the way, still we choose to do God’s thinking for Him, to such an extent that to bridge the gap that we created between God and ourselves, by turning from God to follow our own destiny by listening to our pride, God became man, to show us that even though we be mortal, we too can live without sin and regain our place with God, but we reject this and crucified God just as we crucify anyone who dares to show us that our desires and ambitions are vainglorious and futile, we reject the light because we can have more fun in the dark. Yes we are like naughty children who delight in mischief, and the most dangerous mischief of them all is believing in our own minds, the power we have.

Yes it will come the time when believing in God or a god would be ridiculous and nonsensical or downright foolish, or pride would have defeated us, our vanity would sentence us, our very brilliance will crush us to a never ending death. We have forgotten God, God has not forgotten us and the time of reckoning is almost upon us, the quickening has begun, the days will be shorter, that which we need will become scarcer this is not a doom prophecy this is scientific fact, hours seem quicker, the day is already shorter after the earthquake.