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Why were there no atheists before?

by Anthony DeLucchi

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Why were there no atheists before?

Was it because when we were "created" our knowledge was closer to our creation?

Now the further we move from the place where we started, the less we believe from where we came? The only thing common to all peoples is a form of belief, a spiritual identity. All cultures believe in "creation" all cultures point to a reckoning, also all cultures believe in retribution of some sort. I recognise within all of us is an unlearned knowledge, instinct you might call it, others might call it genetic memory, but the fact remains we do know something, something no book can teach us, no scientist can show us. Even the infallible seekers of truth the men of science, they themselves are also aware of this inner knowledge.

Where did our vanity choose to override everything we believed in? When did we choose to discount our spirituality for this desolate atheistic existence? This nonexistence? How sad it is that we now will argue to follow a limited world view, where we are our own masters, we will explore the depths of the cosmos, yet not wonder why it is here.

We look at stars that do not exist any more, we can only guess at the vastness out there, yet we are vain enough to believe we have developed here all on our own, a remarkable cosmic accident? Diverse beliefs I can comprehend, no matter how childish, it all stems from the same source, we all believe something because there is something to believe. If we were blind and felt the heat of the sun would we still doubt its existence? ....

But we are not blind, nor are we deaf. We cannot say with confidence that there is no God. We cannot see the wood for the trees, yet we are aware of a forest aren't we?

Ag! I could go on, but what is the use, today's atheists wear their non-belief like a badge of an elitist club, it is fashionable. Me and my kind are looked on with tolerance, bordering on contempt, the step between tolerance and oppression is a very small one.