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Belief is a Choice

by John J. Stukes

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Belief is a choice, and your organization is kinda cool for non believers... better to call yourself agnostic than to claim atheism... but you can know God if you allow yourself to... all you gotta do is choose to believe.

Jesus Christ is the son of God... and he who has seen the son has seen the father. I have not seen the son with my own two eyes, but I have experienced the presence of God in and around me through his Precious Holy Spirit... which is the power of God working through man. Just try God for yourself... Don't pray to saints or statues, But Pray to God the father in the name of God the son to receive God's Holy Spirit.

None of us "Christians" are righteous enough by our works alone for God to owe us any favors to answer our prayers, but through the Righteousness of Christ, we who were sinners have direct intercession and a personal relationship with the creator. When we pray we always get an answer, sometimes it's yes, sometimes it's not, but the principal is God always answers when you pray in the name of Jesus Christ.

So it's on the individual to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. I am not here to force feed anyone my Religion. My Religion is only my Tradition and my Religion is limited. My faith is something brand new, something pure and perfect which is strengthened every day. Without faith it is impossible to please God because it is by faith, God finds us worthy to let us in on the secret mysteries of Life, and of the Life to come.

Lean not to your own understanding, because your own understanding will never allow you to find the truth. I had to learn that lesson the hard way.

With Love, God Bless

JJ Stukes