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Talk Back 62: Those new age teachings must be part of the devil's plan.

by Thomas J

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Apologies, I now believe I left misleading information on this site.

I was reading that new age material which I now know is satan. In Neale Donald Walsch's book Conversations with God, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that this supposed god is indeed the enemy.

His god tells use there is no hell no heaven and no devil. His god teaches Jesus wasn't perfect. To quote from his god "this whole hell thing brings out the worst in me!", teaches reincarnation which is obviously 'false doctrines.'

These are the misleading leaders we were warned about. I fear for you, this is very real. Jesus is the only way. I guess I didn't want to believe that hell is real. Be wary of this new age crap! The only truth is the Bible. I prayed to God and opened my bible randomly to read "like human judges they hold sceptres in their hands..sometimes they have daggers and axes in their hands, but they cannot protect themselves from being destroyed in war or from being carried of by thieves. All this proves they are not gods - do not worship them." These are the hindu gods with the axes!

I was mislead by these false teaching. Jesus is the only truth. Those new age teachings must be part of the devil's plan. Go to Jesus only.