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Talk Back 72
I choose Christ.

by Teknon-Theos

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It seems to me that just about all of the agnostics that I run into are these exceptionally intelligent folks who have intellectualized their way into their agnostic beliefs.

It seems to me that just about all of the agnostics that I run into are these exceptionally intelligent folks who have intellectualized their way into their agnostic beliefs.

What I have also discovered is that the majority of Christian intellectuals I have run into have nearly all had to go through their agnostic phase in life only to find Christ on the other side of their intellectualism. As if passing through super-intellectualizing passed the far reaching upper levels of what I affectionately (and comically) refer to as stupidity, (due in large part to machinations not unlike Phelps), and then on into spiritual enlightenment which in the final analysis comes to just about everyone, whether it is Christianity, or Vishnu, it comes nonetheless.

Be it because we are so unbelievably arrogant as to ultimately, all of us, and everyone to a person think that we cannot possibly exist in this temporary vessel were there not to be more later on. That this pinnacle of perfection can only be the product of a design based solely on intent and not by accident of selection by attrition. Or whether we are the least likely to be selected for anything other than extinction due to the fact that we are not the norm but the exception in the survival of the fittest dogma.

Physiologically speaking there is no evidence in 4 billion years of existence (yes I am a believer in the fire and forget school of biblical creationism) that this planet has had ample opportunity to find some other heartier life form to surpass us as the dominant specie. Therefore only a supreme being and the favor he has bestowed can account for our very presence.

Fire and forget: When I shoot at a target with a smart weapon. I aim, fire and forget. Whether I turn my attention to yet another target or not, I already know the outcome of my action before I ever pull the trigger. God pulled the trigger 15 billion years ago. The rest is history. The outcome, to each and every hair on all of our respective heads was a foregone conclusion, free will not withstanding all philosophical debates, and there we are aren't we?

Everything in the middle betwixt and beyond is whatever the mind of man can invent and envision but none of us at no time knew then, can know now, or ever will know until the end time has come, what was on God's mind then or now. All inventions of man's mind are merely subjective imaging's. And
then there is Jesus Christ, Leonardo DaVinci, Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, and Sir Isaac Newton, to name a few. They are the course corrections in an already pre-determined path. They are God's fingers on the divine joystick of providence and God's will. For myself, seeing that I must attach my lot to the divine in some way and I truly believe that if one picks wrong they pay for their choice, I choose Christ to every depth, breadth, and fiber of my being. I cannot go to the abyss for surmising, understanding or seeming to understand. In all those things because they are all thoughts, therefore with fault by default, there is no accountability for being right or wrong. it is irrelevant. But which path we choose to follow with all our heart, mind, soul an and spirit does make us accountable.

I choose Christ.

If you choose not to follow a path of righteousness because of the words, actions and atrocities of man, man's interpretation of God, God's will and man's claim to know the mind of God then you are rightly justified in thinking there must be no God. Anyone of any mind would be a fool to think there was a God under those circumstances.

But if you are choosing there to be no God based on the evidence he has placed right before your eyes in the absence of all things made by man then you will be held accountable.

The debate in the end is made up by men, as it should be, but it is to the degree that man can excuse himself, extricate his presence in conveying God, that determines the validity of the debate pro God. God does not need men nor the belief of men in order to be so. The absence of belief is not the absence of God. Apathy is a fencepost no intelligent person is allowed to sit upon indefinitely. It is a respite, a fence post for brief reflection between the world of men and the spirit of God. The operative word is brief.