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Talk Back 76
Do not change that which was made perfect

The title implies or refers to the work and teachings of Jesus

by Joseph

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By stating the facts that lead to peace, the truth, one can juxtapose their decisions with the truth.  Not heeding the truth is one thing. Not knowing the truth is another.  By not knowing, or be aware of the truth, the facts or beliefs or assumptions that lead to truth, won’t change the fact they are the only way to truth, to begin with.  Not believing or knowing a apple will fall off a tree, won’t change the fact.  There is a natural law in beliefs and ideas. 

A person who is popular, or a leader, or famous, or smart, may disagree with a natural law but the law will not change.  The law was here before they were here and will be here after they leave.  They should have the honesty to say yes I am wrong, but I want to do this-the repercussions for this include the fact that you are serving yourself as the final decider, which opens the door to errors.  Simply stating to other the incorrect belief or theory shows two things: 1.  One is a liar.  2. One is not very smart.   3.  One doesn’t have time to state the facts and repercussions of those decisions. Will you be the final decider, or is it the feeling that is the final decider.  The feeling may move to sex drive, hunger drive, and other drives, then will you add other things in which you will be the final decider, like its ok to do this or that?  These things must be considered.  There are of course many more repercussions for this belief that you may do what you want, but this is for now sufficient to make one aware of natural law, what leads to this or leads to that.   

Flaws of Judaism:

1.  Why doesn’t Judaism specifically state all the virtues and values it holds?  By not stating every value and virtue, Judaism does two things: 1. Judaism hides itself under a cloud of dust, preventing clear rational analysis.  2. Ignoring the fact that there is a lack of clear thought out beliefs, that are strong and good, from careful analysis, does not mean that they aren’t necessary.  3.  No one has thought of this, thus there is a need for further thinking.  4.  You can’t claim everything under then sun, while not putting the facts on paper.  There are basics, and this is a fact.  You can’t claim because it is so much, it is impossible to put down on paper.  This is weak, not thought out and a cop out.  You deserve better.  One must not fear to think things through.  Let the chips fall where they may.  There are basics, that is premise one.  These must be clearly stated.  Basic.. referring to basic morality, values, and virtues. It is feasible to state, that there is more than can be put on paper, news things are added, but this in no way eradicates the need to be honest and face the facts that the basics must be stated. 

2.  Why must Judaism hide some of its teachings?  Ronald Regan said anything American can stand to be shown in the light.  If that is true, how much more a religion should be able to hold every single teaching and belief in the light?

3.  By not stating every value and virtue Judaism believes this opens the door to two things: 1.  People can have a reason for not following the values and virtues.  2. Any person can add or detract form the basic values and virtues.  This leaves people to fly like a leaf in the wind, any where the wind blows.  By stating the basics, people have facts to juxtapose their decisions to, thus giving clarity.

4.  Feeling like you are a member is feeble.  There are basics that must be stated and clear defined.  Many errors arise because people do not have the absolute basics necessary to compare their decisions too.  People “feel” they can do this or that.  This is a disservice to people to not state that there are basic values, virtues, and morality that are available and can be used to guide a person to make low risk life decisions.  To not give people the standard or a simple standard is cheating on thinking or shows a weak thought out belief system.  The facts are this: 1.  Basic morality can be stated.  Basic values and virtues can be stated.  2.  State them.   (My advice is to look at the Catholic Church. I.e. Catechism–they have stated them for centuries)

5.  The fact is there is a great focus on the Laws in Judaism.  Is there not room to focus on the underlying values, virtues that these Laws are based on?  I think there is.  You can not throw a book at a person and hope the contents of the book “fall” into a person’s mind.  Most people today have to work, eat, drink, sleep.  There is little time to become philosophers, and analyze the underlying values and virtues, the repercussions for having these or not having these.  These things must be stated simply, clearly, and labeled as important to the listener.  To not give everything to a person who looks to you for advice, is to cheat that person.  A friend would give every single bit of Truth to a person on a silver platter, all spelled out, everything highlighted.  Ignoring or blanking out the importance of values, virtues, and morality, while focusing on other technical laws, is a corruption.  People must be told that the path is made smooth by the values, virtues, and morality.  Address the meat of the issue, and make sure the people understand that first, then do the tertiary parts.  You can’t live on bread alone, the people need meat.  And to say that wrong is right, or half wrong is right, is an error to, the people only suffer.  I must add that one needs to say the ideal, then the next best, next best, and tell the people to keep a high as base as possible, while trying to do the absolute unequivocal first best.  This comes from understanding and forgiveness, of themselves, that is why these values and virtues are so important, they keep people in the game, they keep people from despair, they prevent people from self hate, and give people a way out of self hate or self disgust. 

6.  Who’s teachings do Baal Shem Tov’s rhyme with? You and I both know.  What makes the Baal Shem Tov’s teachings so great? Values and virtues.  Kindness, mercy, forgiveness, humility, forgiveness....and on and on.  Why is Hillel so favored, what was it about him and his teachings that make him so great to Jew and non-Jew alike? His humility.  His teaching about values and virtues.  We can analyze every comma, period, letter until the sun goes out, but the fact is that THE PEOPLE NEED TO BE TAUGHT VALUES AND VIRTUES, the Truth.  A lack of knowledge of the repercussions of not valuing the values and virtues as they should be, and not focusing on them, is very corrupt, I say corrupt, because the suffering that ensue from not knowing about the Truth, is brutal.  The natural law and the repercussions of those natural laws won’t change by ignorance, or lack of knowledge. 

7.  And let me state one simple fact: you may call this anti-Semitic.  I reply don’t define anti-Semitic as against what you like to hear. 

8.  Hebrews were the first Christians(Catholics).   

The Flaw of Islam:

Mohammad acts indicate that going to war to convert others, being militant when others did not convert, is an appropriate action.  This is incorrect.  We must go to war to make the people peaceful?  This shows a lack of understanding of people, and knowledge.  Facts speak for themselves.  Suffering results from incorrect beliefs, no one wants that.  By being incorrect they will suffer.  By not knowing the truth they will suffer.  Suffering leads to the fact that pain is an indicator that something must be changed or something is wrong.  Stated clearly, pain is a fact that says something is incorrect.  It is not right to say that pain is the end, when the truth is peace is the end.  To not have the courage or knowledge that the truth will be sufficient to change behavior, is to not believe the truth, not know the truth, not understand the truth, or not have the truth.  Adding into the mix of the basics that one needs to go to war, go militant, use violence, is a corruption.  The truth is, that defense is correct, whereas unnecessary militant action is incorrect.  Better to err on the side of most correct, if one has to make a decision, most correct meaning more peaceful.   

the Flaw of Buddhism:        

Besides the fact there is no code of law that prevents stupidity and nothing is spelled out, Buddhism presents itself as peace without defining the means to get peace, without defining the standards that would get peace.  Buddhism has degenerated into people kicking each other in the genitalia to show how strong they are and to hitting each other with sticks to get some meditative type peace.  This is degenerate, spiritual retarded.  “Blanking out” reason and cause and effect and the fact that things are perfect for you, does in no way eradicate the need for reason and heeding and using cause and effect.  Buddhism rhymes with stoicism, both state the peace part without the reason and without eradicating high risk to suffering behavior.  It is immature thinking, maybe good for the stone ages, but not today.  Ignoring thinking and the repercussions of beliefs and things, is not the best way, it changes nothing.   

The flaw of Atheism

Please explain how we have birds that are beautiful, honey that is so sweet, music that is so pleasing, opium plants to relieve pain, ideas that lead to explanations of cause and effect, how the sky color is so pretty?  There are many more points that need explanation.  Someone once stated if we put a billion monkeys at a keyboard one of them would come up with one of Shakespeare's plays, well they were wrong...  There is theory that seems valid and there is theory that actually works.  Atheism seems valid only because the people do not want to see, a person can in fact deny by choice even if there is proof.  A person can say 1+1 does not equal 2.  This is a fact.  The way out of Atheism is to simply analyze your feelings and why you have them, one by one.  Yes one by one.  Then analyze your beliefs one by one, what are the pros and cons of each belief.  Is the evidence very clear on one, not clear on another or not true on another? Juxtapose your answers to the assertions of the Catholic Church.  Honesty is required.  It takes time and analysis, but it is better than advocating a belief that you are not fully sure of.  Man has been around for a long time, yet random creations have not occurred.  This must be factored into the equation.  


How about analyzing where the things you love come from.  Analyze where the values and beliefs that you naturally take for granted come from.  The fact is Moses and King David and the Hebrews of old gave us basic morality.  Jesus refined it and made it perfect.  While others were worshiping dung, trees, suns, planets, stars, and anything conceivable Moses began the path which Jesus perfected.  While the pagans were making errors sacrificing anyone and everyone to any god or tree or statue, Moses said that was wrong and incorrect.  Look at the ramifications for saying that was unequivocally wrong.  No one else summed it up like Moses.  This is a fact that must be defined as very clear.   

When a religion is lacking the Truth, the complete facts, it creates an opening, and it is weakness that goes in.  No one is comfortable with this, so they replace it with pride.  Pride enables them or prevents them from thinking that there is a better way, that they are incorrect, facing the Truth that they are not their to serve their ancestors who erred, or were in error, they are there to serve GOD alone.  Pride prevents them from even bothering to look at the facts.  Pride prevents them from accept blatant clear facts.  Blatant clear facts can not be accepted because of a lack of clear thinking.  A person can not clearly classify something as “very clear and very obvious” , a person use emotion to ignore things.  But they must realize that they are making this mistake, otherwise they will suffer and not know why.  A person must see both sides, look at it from both perspectives.  The Truth can handle light.  Lies can’t.  Incorrect beliefs can’t.  To look at something from both sides, to see the repercussions for having those beliefs, or not having those beliefs, is mature and responsible and rational.  To not do this is immature, and allows yourself to others to suffer needlessly.  It is vital for a person to know what leads to peace and what does not.  To base your beliefs on ancestor worship or worshiping your parents or worshiping your friends or worshiping “the ways of past people” or worshiping “a famous person” or worshiping “tradition whether it is right or wrong” is the path of no peace.  The Truth is the Truth.  None of those things get you to the Truth, those are petty annoyances.  To forsake the TRUTH for petty things like those is fine, if you admit that it is the reason why you are doing it, not admitting it is being 1. A liar 2. Immature 3. You are ignorant.  And all those ways lead to not peace.  Some people do not realize that their ancestors always improved when they saw a better way, that their improvements were part or the Truth and if they did wrong, they forsook the wrong, and went back to right.  Now today’s people, some think that it is ok to not do better when it is available, and there, they have stagnated and gone retarded.  They are basing their beliefs of what works and what doesn’t on incorrect assumptions and premises.  The Truth, the Catholic Church was correct in the past and it will be correct in the future.   

The Muslims say one thing over and over, Allah is one, there is none other.  I say fine I accept.  Granted I say Allah is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, this is a further revelation as to the nature of God.  But I say one more step to Muslims, WHAT NOW? Repeating that fact is not everything, there is more: like values, virtues, and morality.  Ignoring reason and logic won’t get those, or is at least less likely to get those.   

Problems Judaism may have with the Catholic Church:

1.  The Trinity.  Reply: The Trinity is a revelation as to the “Nature” of God.  By stating that there are 3 that are 1, in now way eradicates the 1.  There is a verse that states that there are no other gods, yet if there is 1 God, the 1 God may be 3 in 1.  If you have a1  yellow, 1 red, and 1 green apple (the apple), and someone else has 1 orange and 1 tangerine (the citrus).  Now it is simply the apple (one) and the citrus.

2.  One must classify the pro and con versus simply and straight forward in a clear manner.  The verse “They have pierced my hands and my feet..” This verse must be classified as Pro Catholicism is correct.  This is a very clear verse.  Now there will be other verses that may be opaque, others that may be not pro.  These must be stated clearly, under categories that show that they are crystal clear, opaque, and not in favor. 

3.  The Hebrews and the “Jews” refer to a nice point.  The point is this, there was and is if you consider the Cohens, a race of people called Hebrews.  The Hebrews believed in Judaism.  This translates into two points: 1.  Hebrews are people of a race with or without a creed.  2.  Judaism is a religion and not a race.  To state that a Jewish person is race and religion is to defy logic and reason.  There are Jewish white, black, brown people.  There are also Jewish Hebrews. 

4.  There are many physical laws of Judaism, they are all clearly stated.  For example, wear this or eat this.  Judaism does state, to it’s credit that there are underlying reasons or the physical acts are there to remind them of the underlying virtue or value.  They can and should simply be up-front, well thought out, and honest enough to state all of the values and virtues.  It is a flaw not to.   

Understanding People:

We all have a drive and desire to “be good.”  When we do wrong we “feel bad.”  We hate feeling bad.  We are like magnets, we like the attraction, he hate the repulsion.  It is natural law, and how we are made.  When we do wrong, or set the standard as wrong, we only hurt ourselves.  

An error of Christians in general:

The fact is this.  Luther for whatever reason was unhappy with Catholicism.  Luther left Catholicism.  Luther copied parts of Catholicism.  Luther was a copy cater, plagiarizer.  Luther, then was followed by others.  Luther and others, took the name Christian, from Catholicism, and stole it and labeled themselves as Christian.  Christian was a Catholic term, as there are multiple names for various things, Luther simply took the term.  Thus the result of this is the fact there are various degrees closer and farther away from Catholicism-to the degree that each founder of the PROTESTant religions decided was correct.  Catholics have kept the same faith, beliefs, for centuries.  It is incorrect or at least very “interesting” to come to the conclusion that a person can suddenly decide to take this or that.  By definition Luther was a copy cater.  By definition Luther was trying to live off the Truth, which is fully held by the Catholic Church.  By definition Luther and the followers of his method, decided for themselves what parts of the Truth to accept or not accept.  Luther should have stayed Catholic, and just stated he was a bad one, that is less an error than being in despair and trying to avoid the negative feelings by starting something new to contort it to the standard you have, or you can hold.  Luther was not perfect, fine, no reason to start another or label his standard as the Truth.  It was a minor flaw with grave consequences.   

Why discuss something so simple as Basic Morality, Basic Values, and Basic Virtues?

The source code to peace in life, mind, heart, and spirit, is consists of Basic Morality, values, and virtues.  The clarity, peace, clear thinking that is so much prized by so many people is given from basic morality, values, and virtues.  When errors are committed by lack of knowledge of these basics or on purpose, one creates lack of peace.  These are the things that make life run smoothly.   

Problems show two things: 1. Negative or not pleasant feelings.  2. Consistent, or higher probable, likelihood for not pleasant situations.  3. The idea that there is a basis for these problems.   

When a person looks a little deeper past the emotion of a problem, or the circumstances of a problem, what consistently lies underneath is an error in Basic Morality, Basic Values, and Basic virtues.  Not thinking of these things, or being aware of these things won’t make them go away.  Natural law is natural law.  It rains on everyone.  The properties of gravity are similar to the properties of Basic Morality, values and virtues.  They apply to all.  Knowledge of these is the difference between consistently running into a wall (natural law), versus seeing the reason or cause, adjusting one’s behavior and moving on. Ignoring, doesn’t change natural law.   

A person can have pride if they want.  A child can keep taking candy from a jar, until it gets sick.  But there is a price to pay.  The price is errors, which is simply not peace.  Consistent error leads to consistent unpeaceful results.   

Now another fact arises.  A person can be told by another person, that X, Y, and Z are true.  For the sake of the example X, Y, and Z are not all of or consist of everything that is in Basic Morality, values and virtues.  Let’s say X, y, and z either: 1. Are lacking some of the basics 2.  They is more included that doesn’t belong in basic morality, values and virtues.  Either of these two situations leads to not peace.  That is a fact.  Whether a person is told by another that an apple won’t fall down, or it won’t fall down hard, or won’t rise up, or will fall at an angle instead of straight down, does not change the fact of nature that the apple will fall down.  Words can not change natural law.  Beliefs can not change natural law.  Feelings cannot change natural law.  Ignoring these or believing otherwise leads to errors, not peace.  Granted there is a fact of Catholicism that states God is involved in the world, but these are basics, I must look further to find the specific idea or statement.   

The Catholic Church’s Teaching:

The Catholic Church teaches an angelic standard of morality, when followed there is an angelic world.  People are angels.  This is a undisputable fact.  People have issues with the Truth, the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Fine, they have issues, let’s examine some.  A person can state that they don’t like this or that teaching, but that won’t change the repercussions of not following the Truth.  There is a natural law, in the world, made before we were here, and will be here after we are gone.  We don’t change the fact that 1+1=2.  Nor do we change the fact that if you are in rain, you get wet.  TO deny or lie about this is incorrect thinking, it is thinking on the facade or veneer of things.  Go one step further.  SO you don’t like this teaching, these are the facts if you look deeper: 1. You don’t keep the teaching and want to make yourself be considered right.  No man is God, and where does it stop, if you are the final authority, can you make me do what you want, are you my god next? 2. You don’t understand the value of the teaching.  No one is perfect, yet at some point one must cut the Church some slack, when everything is perfect, you need to say, ok everything is perfect, but I don’t understand this or that, but I will cut them some slack, no one else was perfect 1000 years ago, but the Church was and is still today.  They must have something of value, before I destroy what I do not understand, let me wait and see if I can figure it out.  3.  You fail to see the repercussions of the teachings, you fail to understand the teachings.  You fail to give due value to the repercussions of the Truth.  So if a person for whatever reason, they aren’t the super intellect they think they are, or they by accident missed a variable, decide that the Truth is incorrect, they will go out and advocate an error.  By waiting for understanding, see that everything, for the most part is unbelievably perfect, was perfect, and is perfect, one by that reason alone must take a 2nd and 3rd and 4th look.  To think that because you are discussing ideas, that have repercussions, and that the repercussions aren’t always apparent like a simple cooking recipe, the cake comes in 10 or 20 minutes, repercussions from beliefs may come in 1 second or 20 years.  When analyzing something so important and grave as ideas, values, virtues, it is common sense to be patient, and think things through.  A person with personal issues, of feeling they are not loved, not loving themselves, wanting more attention, because they don’t have the Truth, know the Truth, nor value the Truth, they can state in their ignorance things that aren’t the Truth.  The Truth, the Catholic Church’s teachings have stood the test of time, they are a mathematical explanation for angelic behavior.  TO the degree that one follows the Truth, one has an smoother easier life.  Saying other wise won’t make it so.    The teachings are adequate and clear and perfect explanation for what works for the natural environment.   

Why not abortion or birth control?

The beauty of Catholicism is this: life is sacred.  Life has been made sacred by several things some which include: 1. We are made in God’s image.  2. We have been valued and redeemed by the price of Jesus’s blood.  The importance of Number two comes from the fact that 1.  Jesus is the Son of God, the Creator of the Universe.  2. Jesus was and is perfect.  3.  Jesus was and is “cool” this is a modern term, but it embodies many great things.  Being so cool makes it easy to see the fact that the payment of His Blood, was a high price, thus making what was bought very valuable.  It is also odd to some people why the pro abortion aren’t anti-carnage.  It seems odd that they want to eradicate a fully developed baby, when they could simply be pro birth control.  Why draw the line at infanticide?  Yet I disagree with both birth control and abortion.    

Let me state another thing that may be seen as crass.  Ok no sex with birth control, use natural means.  There are alternatives and these need to be stated-or what are the alternatives....this is simply stating the full facts.  What is acceptable and what is not acceptable in sex or for sex?  To not define the facts, to be embarrassed about the facts, to hide the facts, is indicating that the “light” can not be shown on the facts or beliefs, and thus the beliefs are either 1. Wrong. 2. A person has an incorrect view of what is proper.  If what is ok is not stated, how is a person to know.  

Now to go all out, there are venial sins and there are mortal sins.  Can not this sex be categorized into these categories?  There is nothing to hide, all the facts must be stated.  

This also brings up a point, how to handle “being wrong”-doing the wrong thing.  This point must be addressed.  It is easy to see the fact that if one is doing something wrong, they should not do the absolute worst possible.  One should do the least possible if one is going to do something wrong.  This is for safety of one’s self.  This must be looked into....is it wrong to state that one should not go from doing right to doing the worst possible?  I don’t think so.  Granted this in no way means the minor wrong is acceptable, nor condoned, you are wrong, that is clear.  Maybe my logic is wrong or off here, but the fact of not doing the absolute worst, trying to not do the worst, is better than absolute despair for not having the strength, not having the sense, not having the strong enough will, not having the drive to keep straight.  But one must face the facts, one must state that they are doing wrong, and not try to name the incorrect behavior as right.  It is one thing to do wrong, it is another to name the wrong as correct, that is a sign of despair.  Trying to fit your drives, feelings, or any idea that you think of as the definition of right, is incorrect.  There is a natural law, names or words won’t change it, obscuring the fact, doesn’t change the results.  Does the fact that I mentioned that one should not go from right to the absolute worst, imply that the wrong or least wrong is the better path? No.  The fact that telling a person not to go from right(10) to absolute despair(0) the bottom, but instead stay at 9, don’t go lower, this can not be wrong, in my opinion.  If it is incorrect I will change this, but I don’t think it is.  Stating that it is wrong, is important though, wrong means not the best, which is what our God wants for us, because the best gives pure Peace.  By not following the laws, consistently and doubtlessly, a person gets “luke warm” or a person can get “soft” or a person becomes “ok with both sides.”  This allows for error, more error, and may allow or make it easier for more error.  Both sides must be stated.  Truth can withstand light.   

The result of stating the alternatives may or may not be acceptable to a person’s idea of right or wrong, but the Law will not change, nor can change.  There is an integrity in the laws of the Catholic Church, all are pro-life, all rhyme with the sacredness of life.  The fact that there are rules of sex, highlight the point that man and woman are not simply sex creatures, there is more.  To state that life, is not important or sacred, by stating it is ok to end life, at inception or at the end of a person’s life is to open the door, to any belief or practice.  The stand, the line of demarcation is clear, pro life, and all that embodies.  It is a tough decision, but the values, virtues, and things that come from the integrity and practice and belief are peace, versus unpleasant from not.  Natural law: you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  You can’t come into this world and make the natural laws.  The natural laws are already give.  The natural laws that give peace are already given.  Pro Life, with integrity, is the path of peace, the other beliefs or not having a firm stand on integrity of pro-life, allow for non peace generating beliefs to be mistaken for truth.  Lies can’t change natural law, not opinions.  Whether it takes a person to be strong, to follow the beliefs that generate peace, then so be it.  The person adjusts.   

Let me state another clear fact.  God gives man laws, man does not give man laws.  There are repercussions for this belief: 1.  No man may tell another man what to do, thus preventing a man from being another man’s slave.  It is inherent freedom.   

Why a person would not decide the Catholic Church is correct, the Teachings are correct:

1. There is a myth today in thinking a flaw.  The flaw is this: a person can out will, be pushy, be more arrogant, be more over bearing than another in a technical or factual discussion, and the one who is the pushiest is the winner.  This is the current state of affairs, some would rather define pushiness as the determining factor for the truth.  This is incorrect.  This also includes emoting: feigning outrage, anger or any other emotion.  These all obscure the fact there is a natural law and it wins every time and it never changes.  Ideas, moral law is part of natural law.  Petty or immature behavior simply prevents one from seeing the facts, but changes not an iota of natural law.  Better to know how you are wrong, than to not know what is causing the no peace.  Using anger, outrage, pushiness does not make 1+1=3.  Some today are content with not believing this fact.  Believing facts and natural law can be bullied over, covered over, obscured does not change them, but only allows one to fool themselves, a person can blank out or ignore the truth, but natural law won’t change.  By fooling themselves, they hint at the fact that they are not clearly thinking: let’s take it one step further: Why fool themselves or blank out the facts: 1. They don’t know any better.  2. They can’t admit they are doing something wrong or like to do something wrong.  3.  They don’t want to admit to a Higher Power, that created a universe that has a path that leads to peace, which is basic morality, values, and virtues.  4.  They are despairing that they can’t keep the basics.  5.  They are more content with stating the wrong as right, than stating that they are doing something wrong, and that it is wrong. They are not willing to state, that there is a right way, but they are doing something wrong.  This goes back to if you do something wrong, don’t do the worst, just admit the mistake and don’t become degenerate.  Not the best is different from degenerate.  You can prick your finger, or you can jump of a cliff, pricking a finger is better.  You can pull one hair out, or you can pull all your hair out, one hair is better.  In no way do I say pulling a hair out is right or the best way, but it is by definition a step up from not pulling all your hair out. 5. They are not stating the fact that they are fallible, that they are not perfect.  Granted every person makers mistakes, no one makes a 100 on every single test, but people naturally have a drive to be good, and some believe not being good is unacceptable, and they may subtly say or advocate wrong things in the hope of not be bad.  This is not the best way.  Another way is to state that they are doing something wrong, the better way is X, Y and Z, and this is not the best way.  Ok.  Fine.  When you are ready to try to do the best way, you know what it is.  You have not lied, and the path is clear.  It is fine.  But digging a huge deep hole saying whatever you feel, think, or someone says is correct is despair and absolutely unacceptable.  DON”T CHANGE THAT WHICH IS PERFECT, sums it all up.  If you are wrong or doing the less than best, it in no way requires you to change what actually works, thus is the best.  So you are wrong.  Ok.  Don’t do the worst, and be degenerate.  Don’t despair and give everything up.  Better to be partly wrong, that totally wrong. Better to not want the peas or cabbage, but eat the meat and dessert, than throw the plate away because you do not like peas.  This in no way states that the incorrect behavior is correct, nor does it says it is the best or perfect or shouldn’t be changed or the behavior shouldn’t be improved.  It states try to improve, it states there is better, when possible do it, if not possible now, it may be later, if not possible now don’t forsake it all.   

A person can not be willing to accept these ideas as “Truth.”  Why?  1.  There is no need to state that this is absolutely incorrect at once, one may want and it is ok for one to: 1. take time to think things through, 2.  take time to think of alternatives. 3.  It is ok to not have alternatives immediately, that is acceptable, if that was not acceptable it would be called snowballing. The fact is the Truth can withstand, light.  The Truth, can withstand patience, and thinking.  The Truth can withstand some extra time.  The ramifications or repercussions for every belief of the Catholic Church, are the natural law of behavior.  They won’t change.  Nor will the natural law of 1+1=2.   

Other possible reasons for not accepting the Truth include: 1.  Family members won’t accept it, but that won’t change natural law or the repercussions of incorrect ideas.  2.  Other’s won’t like it, so be it if they do or don’t.  The Truth states you serve God, not man.  Are you their slave?  Do they even pay you?  3.  The Truth requires a stomach, and nerve.  The fact is this, people can not be told the Truth, and they will suffer, suffer and suffer, not knowing why they suffer.  It is tough finding natural law and the path.  Not telling them that basic morality, values and virtues, and that there are repercussions to beliefs, there is a cause and effect, won’t change the facts. Name calling, ignoring, laughing(an immature version of stating one does not understand or does not want to say yes or know or stating that one is theoretically in a feeble position and an emotion is all that can help alleviate or defend your position, thus laughter is the recourse) doesn’t alter the facts, better to know there is a way and not follow it, than not know there is a way and suffer randomly or consistently.  

“Mysteries of the Catholic Faith”

Here is a big one, a very interesting point, it goes like this: So if the Catholic Church has all the answers, it has spelled out common sense concisely and simply, it has stated the principles and ideas that govern behavior that lead to Peace, it has stated behaviors that have a higher probability of avoiding useless pains and unnecessary ordeals and even giving Peace, WHY must I follow the teaching I do not understand or seem to not have a practical meaning?  1.  Have you tried to find the practical meaning?  If not then do.  2.  If you don’t understand the repercussions of X or Y, then try to.  

Not accepting all of the Catholic Church’s teachings indicates some things: 1.  You do not understand everything.  2. You don’t accept that it may be true, and that you have to look to see if it is true.  The premise here is you by nature should know everything.  This leads to the clear indication that you are wrong because you have to study to learn.  This reasoning applied to all things shows that it is incorrect.      

The end result is, multifold: 1.  You can follow the Truth.  2.  You can know the Truth but not follow the Truth.  3.  You can not know the Truth.  The best is #1.  The second best is #2.  The third is not unacceptable.  Not following the Truth, is minus one, not accepting the Truth as the right way, but knowing that it is correct is -2, not knowing or naming something else as correct when it is not is -3.  So the best is the Truth, then -1, then -2, then -3.   

Weakness of Faith, or errors:

Many errors occur because of one thing: vitiated connotations.  This is that people have an “idea” that something is correct when technically the Catholic Church does not say that is correct at all.  AN example is the fact that charity is correct.  But there is a caveat or teaching of the Church that is not as well know as it should be, that one should not give if it would impoverish yourself.  The idea is not “too much good” or “do something without reason or against reason” the fact is reason is good.  Now there is an emotional element in some, that they want to be extra good, they must define this emotion as not Catholic, but personal if the drive is against the Catholic teachings.   

The Church does not state that one should brush their teeth 20 times a day.  Believing that this was true or told that this was true based on the dictum that one should have dignity based on the fact we are made in the image of God, is a distortion.  There is reasonable and there is unreasonable.  There is right and there is doing so much that it hurts ones self.  It is ok to be ok.  One doesn’t have to be Superman, nor does one have to be perfect.  Too much is just as wrong as too little.  You can hurt yourself by taking too much medicine, as you can by taking none.  Just because it is the Truth doesn’t mean you can add to it and do it more that it is advised or less than it is advised and you will be ok, you won’t it leads to pain and suffering, and that is unnecessary and wrong because you state that more that what the Truth states is correct, thus you “change the truth”, and this perverts the fruit of Peace which is the natural result of the Truth.  Too much is wrong.  Too little is wrong.  Emotional ideas about what the Truth is are not correct, the Truth should not be added to or watered down.  If you want to do more, state that you are doing more than is required and it is not better, but you want to.  State that you are doing less that required, and that it is not better, but you want to.  It is ok to state the facts.  So be it.  Some may say the Truth or right way requires going to Church 3 times a day, this is wrong.  Being good is what they are trying to make the other person be when they state this, but all the Truth is giving is peace.  The feeling of being good because you are doing extra is not the path to peace, the Truth is.  You can do more, but it is not correct to state to others that the more is the Truth, or required because that is a lie and that puts the bar higher than is necessary which is wrong because it does not lead to PEACE.   

The cool things about Joseph from the Old Testament:

Everyone wants to make the money that Joseph made in Egypt.  But let’s look at how he did it and what he was doing.  Joseph did nothing but love God while in Egypt and before he went to Egypt.  Money came to Joseph.  Joseph did nothing but serve God, and Love God.  Joseph did not despair when he went to this or that place or was this or that, because he had a consistent guide: he loved God.  Joseph’s eyes were on serving God, Joseph did everything else as secondary.  Joseph heart and desires were with God first, the work he did, he did in Peace.  He was at peace with or without the money.  If Joseph had wanted money while in prison it would have done no good, if he would have wanted money at this time or that time it would have changed nothing.  When the situation changed, Joseph got money.  But Joseph did not change the situation, nor was Joseph the cause of the situation changing.  Joseph’s stayed focused on God, with Peace.  Wanting, wishing, being enamored with the glory of money, being blinded by the glory of money or objects, is false, it doesn’t get the money or objects.  It prevents peace.  Peace is being ok with or without.  You can’t control your hair, body, breath, these things are not within one’s control, but you can focus on God and be at peace.  The drive to get an object, the emotion, the glory, the want of an object does not get the object.  That is a fallacy in thinking.  Doing the technical work, with what is possible gets the object.  Confusing the idea that you need emotional charges or drive or being blind to get an object is incorrect.  You can do a, b, and c while being at peace, thinking that emoting helps get something quicker is incorrect, natural law doesn’t change for emotion when you want an object.  Eager is ok, but not rabid eagerness, it prevents clarity and clear thinking.  Emotion tends to obscure of cloud clear judgment.  Emotion calms down like mud in a pond, and things seem clearer.  Better to make the decisions from there.   

Secular benefits of basic morality and values and virtues:

There are practical secular benefits to the basics of morality, values and virtues.  For example, honesty: when people are honest they don’t cheat on building materials.  The materials are all quality and there aren’t a lot of buildings collapsing.  Not being honest about the quality of materials and the costs leads to no peace and bad buildings that collapse.  Society rests on the good deeds, intentions, and acts of people.  Without honesty, everything would be shoddy.  Everything people like about society is based on basic values, morality, and virtues.  Those who try to cheat natural law, the basics, end up destroying the very things they like, civilized life and society.  It is a small price to pay for long term and short term benefits.   

Theft is another good thing to analyze.  When people steal they prevent themselves from learning a trade, skill, craft, or getting and education to get something.  This cheats them from getting more with peace, instead they steal, and have to get one thing and they worry about getting caught, put themselves in a position of getting into trouble, and have no peace or at the very least less peace.  When peace is not the end, there is an error involved. When they steal they state it is ok to steal for this or that reason, and they then state indirectly that others can do it for those reasons, and thus they are not immune to their own behavior, other can do it to them.  That is their standard.  Rather than develop the skills to get more they steal.  Rather than say ok, I don’t have this or that, but it is ok, I will try to figure out something else, or adjust my desires, or state my desires are incorrect, that I am wanting something that is no necessary or that now what I have is sufficient, or that the object is not worth putting myself in pain for, or the object that is wanted is will probably not be wanted later, that this desire for the object will pass, or that it will reoccur,–these things need to be addressed.   

What are the best countries: and why are they better.... 

Protestant countries hide their carnage under a veneer, but the stink still comes through.  Free choice can go so far, when blood is shed, abortion, there has to be something wrong.  That one’s opinion or feelings are hurt, doesn’t change natural law or what is right.  Bring up the base standard, the average base standard...the stink is incredible.  Why put the bar at abortion, why not put the bar at condoms, it is wrong, I readily concede by definition from the Catholic Church.  But if you are going to be an idiot, don’t be a complete one.  You can still walk with a broken legs, but you can’t get around with no legs or arms.   

Catholic countries are not perfect, I will not white wash this.  Some Catholic countries, the people steal, there are corrupt police, corrupt politicians and judges.  They mask this vile behavior by the emotion or thought of “being smart.” They live in the fruits of their spiritual filth.  They eat what they serve.  Being good natured, is the proper way.  Hurting others in not correct.  When the people do these things, I suspect, they twist “understanding and empathy” into a perverted way.  They think that God “understands” why they do what they do....the fact is natural law was here before them and will be here after them.  If they do not respect themselves, part of the Truth, nor others...they will commit these errors over and over until they decide to move to a country where the people are less barbaric, more enlightened.  To tolerate such corruption, to write it off as “ok” or “you understand” or “they are just stupid” is unacceptable–that is corrupt behavior that makes a country a hell hole.  It can not be tolerated.  Any one who is with them is against the Truth.  The Truth doesn’t allow or say excuses, allowing one to do the lesser harmful errors is one thing, O.K.ing or tolerating that behavior is unacceptable. 

why not allow sex to guide one without limits:

by wanting all and every person of the opposite sex, all the time, it creates a situation that puts you in ap position to have a drive, be focused on people, constantly for an act (sex) that lasts a very short period of time.  The desire is permanent, the satisfying of that desire lasts not very long at all.  You spend all the time looking and trying to get sex, that you waste all that time, and that the desire is satisfied in a time of minutes.  24 hours of drive for something that lasts a short period of time.  Stating that it is incorrect, enables you to see the fact that you could do better things, or not be focused on that solely, or see more in others, or value other things, that than that one single criteria or variable.  

the major flaw of governments

there is no difference between the word “government” and the word “man.”  There are no government officials or military, there are only men.  Without the mirage of a name, like government official, they are just men.  This implies that must not do anything immoral or illegal.  There is no government official or person, there is just a man.  The title is nonsense, air, a mirage, useless, and a political tool for intimidation or pushiness or to allow them to boss you, they are not God.  Yet there are certain laws and standards and functions that must be kept for a government to run smoothly, but to do illegal or immoral activities, under the guise of “government” is a perverted idea.  A real perversion.  Government is no cloak for evil.  Governments can create a hell on earth, thinking they have a right to do immorality and wrong.  They are not immune to the facts and laws of natural law, if they do wrong or do things that break the standards of basic morality they create non peace.  To allow them to create non peace is wrong.  To stand aside an ignore government errors, is incorrect.  Vote them out.  Use the tools available to dispose of ignorant immature people, and put some people in with class, intelligence, values, and morals.  Stated clearly, when government officials do immoral things and things to hurt their citizens, things that are unjust, they define themselves as cowards, immoral, traitors, ignorant, people with no knowledge of life, natural law, people with flawed thinking, people who are blind to the Truth.  Ignoring this fact, changes nothing, by definition that is what they are.   Someone said there is nothing worse than a cop gone bad, if you go a little deeper there is nothing worse than a government gone bad or government official gone bad.  When the corruption is in a government, people are used to doing immoral deeds, people justify immoral deeds with names or desires or feelings, the situation is disgusting.  The pigs are at the trough, and they turn on anyone and everyone, they themselves are not immune, they can’t stay in office forever, nor can the government officials stop other government agencies form doing wrongs to them.  Setting the standard for immoral behavior is the height of ignorance, vileness, corruption and cruelty.  It is anti peace.  It is to the people who are aware of cause and effect of natural law, it is self destructive.  

And the most serious part of governments is this: when an official of a government enacts a bad law, they hurt others and they hurt themselves.  They are not “government officials” they are people.  The name is a mirage.  What they do to the people, is the standard that they will apply to themselves.  It can not be cheated.  They will do it to their friends, families, children, and themselves.  Their actions are not immune from affecting them, to think otherwise is immature thinking.  When a person does something that is an error, they feel bad, and they replace that bad feeling, with the feeling of “being tough” or “better than others.”  These mirage feelings, these temporary feelings are not permanent.  The consequences of the having that standard of Truth, what is acceptable and what is correct, shows up in the physical realm, from the idea world.  The consequences won’t go away, the feelings of superiority or being tough will go away, and all that is left are the consequences of the ideas to begin with.  Ignoring the fact that you must plant a seed to get a fruit, nerving up and feeling tough or superior, won’t change the fact that in a few months there won’t be any fruit, or that the fruit will be rotten.  Better to abide by the Truth, we can’t see all variables at once, nor can we understand everything at once, but by abiding by the Truth, we give ourselves very low risk options for behavior and very high probable methods for avoiding no peace, suffering, emotional and physical suffering.  Evil has many definitions and meanings: 1. A connotation of vile or dirty 2. Immature thought 3. Ignorance, lack of awareness of the Truth 4.  Stupid, lack of awareness of the Truth and how it can harm one’s self or others 5.  Lack of awareness or clear thinking of the repercussions of ideas and decisions and beliefs.  6.  Thinking one is not responsible or thinking one will not have to sleep in the bed it makes, or thinking one will not have to eat the cooking that it cooked. Immature thought.  Lack of analysis of the repercussions.  WHY?  If a person does not have the Truth, they have bad feelings or suffering.  Plain and simple.  By having suffering, the people have bad feelings which annoy them.  By having the annoying feelings without a way to eradicate them, they are driven madly around in vain search for anything to alleviate the annoyance.  They may find grains of the Truth, but they miss the grain fields, the granary where all grain is stored and where there is an inexhaustible supply of grain.  The errors themselves build up, and hurt, and cause more errors.  But the Truth is not only correct it is like super powerful, it can collapse all hurts, annoyances, and not good feelings in an instant.  This is power.  This is freedom.  No lip service, no words, no feelings, no lies can withstand that power, the Truth.  People with the Truth may go up or down in secular standards, but they are always with peace.  People without the Truth can go up or down and they will go euphoric or despair as the environment naturally changes.   

Acquiring objects in the world:

People think that getting money, or any object requires being wrong, or feeling wrong, or doing wrong things.  The fact of the matter is you can not get what you want when you have the Truth or abide by the Truth and you can not get what you want if you don’t abide by the Truth.  People sometimes hold up one or two people who seemed not to be abiding by the Truth as an example of how to get what you want.  They don’t do a statistical analysis of all the people that failed, take a look at the number of people in jail versus the one or two that seemed to slip through and get an object or two.  The probability for success is severely skewed towards those who abide by the Truth.  There are to many variables that must be considered for not following the Truth to be a good way.  There is a variable that is called the “out of the blue” variable.  This variable states that you can analyze everything you can conceive, yet there is something that may come out of the blue, and thwart the plans.  This out of the blue variable becomes very serious if a person is doing illicit activities, because all their plans may be thwarted by one small minute variable that could not be conceived.  Our mind is small.  The amount of variables is inconceivable.  The high probability path is the Truth. 

It is not clear thinking that states that a person is “evil” that has success.  The fact is this, the person that made it: 1. Did things in the natural world, one by one.  2.  The person in the natural world did the physical work.  3.  The person figured out what was correct, what would actually work, and then did it.  4.  The person didn’t do anything and hope it would work, the person analyzed the variables, did the correct thing or the thing with higher probability and got what they wanted.  5.  The person didn’t try to plant seeds in the winter, they analyzed and figured success was more likely to come if they did it in spring time.  6.  The person enjoyed the craft, art, or work, and worked more than others.  The fruits of extra work, were clearly shown by extra fruit, or objects.  7.  The person heeded the facts that they had to figure out what works in the natural world, they did not go about getting the object, by simple hope or emotion.  The person was rational, logical, methodical, consistent.  7.  The person analyzed the lock, made the key, and opened the door.  The person was not blinded by the desire of the object, and try any key and kept trying the same key over and over again.  8.  The person based their thinking on rational analysis.  For example, if you lose your keys and look everywhere in the house, and they are not there.  You can keep looking in the house, or you can state the fact.  The fact is the premise that the keys are even in the house to begin may be wrong.  So look in the car door or somewhere else.  If all is not working, a premise is incorrect.  9.  Things may take time.  You may have to learn a skill or craft, or develop tools to get what you want.  Just wanting it, driving yourself mad by desire, being blinded by the glory of the object, does not put a key in the door, does not pick the right key, does not turn the key, nor does it open the door.  Rational, logical, careful analysis and then doing these things works.  

People who do more than is required?

This is exemplary, by definition.  I will not add that it is not the best in any way, because it is the best way.  Now for those that do not do extra, people who do not go to Mass 3 times a day, that is fine, you still get a 100.  The people who do more than required, get bonus points, they get 110 or more.  The fact that needs to be stated, is that a 110 is very good, 100 is correct, and anything less is second best.  Fine you get a 100, the Truth states that the person that does the 100 is fine and ok, to think otherwise is to open the door to the emotion of feeling bad, despair, and a bit of hate because you are not the best.  The fact is this, that no one is the best anyway, there is only one Perfect One, Jesus.  We all come in 2nd in every category, anyway.  No one is the “perfect height, perfect color of hair, perfect teeth, perfect personality, perfect joke teller, perfect intellect, perfect in secular goods, perfect in relationships.” It is incorrect to not think this through, because it prevents one from being blinded by a false idea, an idea that has not bearing or basis in the Truth.  Fine the person does more, and gets 110, ok.  Now what?  You remember that Jesus was and is the only perfect one.  The Truth states that 100 is correct.  The Truth states that correct is all that is needed or asked for, otherwise Perfection, Jesus, would have asked for more to begin with.  To say that Jesus would have not asked for every single thing, and defined it as the Truth, or revealed it as the Truth is to state that there is a flaw with the Truth.  And that is incorrect.  The little annoyance that one sees when they see a busy body or a 110 person, is eagerness to do better, to make yourself better.  The feeling has a positive intention, it states I don’t like being not the best possible, do the best I can.  It drives you to keep trying to do the 110, or get to the 100 if you are at 90. 100 is the only thing acceptable, but forgiveness and mercy allow the 90s and 80s to pass, if they use the Truth, and rely on the Truth.  Granted there is a point that is unacceptable, doubtlessly, I am not sure where it lies, and frankly one should not look down, one should be looking up.  If in doubt, then you probably need to get a higher score.  Physical damage to yourself and others arise when you do errors, or don’t heed the Truth.  You can get pregnant without a husband, you can hurt another person, you can go to jail, you can do physical real damage, that must be mended, and in which the consequences last and change the situation.  There is never a “bottom” the proverbial bottom does not exist.  There is only a person trying or a person not trying.  By trying there is forward movement, by not trying there is negative movement.  Trying is being aware of the Truth, and trying to stay with the Truth as close as possible, and not going backwards, forsaking the Truth.   

What happens when a person doesn’t do the best choice, when a person does something wrong:

There are several things that occur when a person does something wrong, when they break the ideal.  You see, being good, feeling good, feels great.  When a person does something wrong, that peace and calm of being good, goes.  Now there is shock.  TO try to hide the shock, or mitigate the shock, the person may state the ideal or being good, was wrong, incorrect, or not important, this is to mitigate the loss of feeling good.  Now after this simple emotion and thought, the next step is, so what’s next?  Next is simple, with knowledge of the idea that one’s compass always points to the Truth, you simply say, ok that was less than best, but I’m ok, I’m sorry.  And move on.  It is a little road bump, the I am sorry, that is nothing more than a little balloon that is popped, right away.  You don’t try to hide the fact that your were wrong, you don’t run madly about throwing dirt on the fact trying to cover it up.  It is smoother, simpler, and more mature, and quite frankly it is ok.  It annoys us.  Fine, we are annoyed, but we are annoyed without throwing everything on the plate away.  We can be annoyed with the Truth, this is better than being annoyed without the Truth.  And the big fact remains, the annoyance dissipates, as the mud settles in the pond, so does one’s feelings, annoyances, and when you do the correct thing, and stay with the Truth, you have a Light that can guide you and will give you peace, in ups and downs. 

the power of evil

Pathetic.  That is the power of evil.  When a person wants to control others, how do they do it?  They make the person do something wrong, then they lead them around while reminding them of their guilt for doing wrong.  All that is required is for the person to say, I was wrong, The Truth states, forgiveness for no matter what, Jesus is my goal and gold, I need nothing else, I don’t care about the repercussions for being good, Jesus is my repercussion, and Jesus’s Justice will be worse than that of any man, infinitely worse.  A man or men can only through straw at me compared to what Jesus can do.  Jesus has eternal control.  Jesus has eternal justice.  Jesus can make me care, and then punish me.  Man may not make me care.  And it final analysis, the answer to evil men who try to lead by guilt, is “so what, who cares.” So what I am embarrassed, many people have been embarrassed, yet we recall none of them, or maybe only a few.  Billions of people have lived on earth, and we don’t even remember all their names, we remember a handful.  No one cares but Jesus.  That many of those billions made errors, then saw a better way is highly likely.  That their embarrassment or short lived pains of getting back on track is not even considered today, it was done, it is over.  No one cares but Jesus.  People can barely care for themselves, let alone others.  We aren’t as powerful as we like to think, we don’t control our hair, or other bodily functions.  It is a mirage based on guilt.  No one by nature wants to hurt others, those that do hurt others willingly, destroy what they like in the process.  You can steal and hope to have something to steal later.  If you steal others will, and they will steal from you.  You kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.  And after everyone is stealing, there comes violence, revenge, bloodshed.  Taking these things to the logical conclusion is not pretty.  Only the immature thinkers try to cheat natural law and the easy smooth path, the Truth. It is a slippery, very slippery slope from the Truth and using the Truth to get what you want, patiently with a higher probability and the peaceful way, from the error of doing whatever means necessary which opens the door for others to do it to you, you have just given the example and they have just seen how it is done.  Swords can cut both ways.  No man can control another.  You are not immune from your own medicine.  The only hope is to make sacred the Truth, thus ensuring with the highest probability possible that erroneous and peace losing practices and actions are eradicated.  The Truth sows peace, errors sow misery, despair, and there is no bottom. 

Evil, ignorance-a lack of clear or well thought out thinking, can also put up a mirage by simply not stating all available facts and options, with a myopic small amount of options, a person doesn’t see all the choices. 

Now should a person serve a theoretical evil or negativity to get something good or an object? No, evil is by definition incorrect or thinking that hasn’t analyzed the repercussion.  Thinking that negativity can get a good is making a simple error, this error is that natural law and reason get the good or the object.  Negativity does not.  Reason, thinking and realizing that a person must do X, Y, and Z to get the good rather than doing false things like serving negativity, are what gets an object.  Plus by using negativity, one opens the door for negative to get you.  Better to keep that door closed.  It is a simple error.  Objects come from thinking, reason, values, virtues, work, practical things.  You don’t need to serve evil to get a glass of water, nor do you need to serve evil to get a car.  It requires work, practical things.  Incorrect thinking holds the desire up, says more desire is necessary to get the object, which are all false thinking errors.  Work, practical things get things.   

The state of doubt or not understanding:

This is a simple feeling.  Things need to be stated clearly and point by point.  A feeling is not a revelation, an emotion is not a revelation.  Base the ideas on facts and the logical conclusions of those facts.  That is understanding.  Emotions come and go.  Emotions dissipate.  Sometimes an emotion is like a rock that is tossed in a pond, or an idea is.  Wait until the mud settles and things become clear then make decisions.  Is the emotion a way of stating you want more time.  You don’t want to believe any and every thing under the sun.  We instinctively know the fact that being to open minded makes one gullible.  That is fine.  Is the emotion telling you, ok, I want to wait a while?  So be it.  But if it is healthy, it will be accepted.  The Truth can take patience, light, and analysis, and calm time tested deliberation.  

Why the Truth in the first place?

The Truth, laws standards and facts, are there to compare our decisions to.  They are there as a guide.  They are time tested, Divinely ordained guides or a map to guarantee peace, and very low risk decisions, to avoid unnecessary suffering.  You compare your decision to the Truth, not to emotion which changes as the weather changes.  You compare to the Truth, not to another’s opinion, which may be based on who knows what.   

What to do when you are not in a good period in life:

With or without the Truth there are ups and downs, the people with the Truth simply maintain peace through the ups and downs, the one’s without despair and go euphoric, it is a brutal ride.  Total darkness, to total light and randomly it seems.  Total no hope and misery to total joy, all of them being temporary. 

But what to do?  The fact is this: 1. Stay with the Truth.  2.  Stay as close to the Truth as possible. 3. When you do not have the best of times, it is temporary.  As the situation changed from decent to bad, the situation will change from bad to decent.  4.  Now what?  The thing to do in not so great times is to improve yourself, situation, life, skills, trade, work, relationships.  Use the not so great time to make yourself better or the situation better, plant some seeds.  So now when the good or decent times come again, you are even better off than before.   

Little know facts about the Truth:

Defense is fine, and correct.  If there is a need for defense it is the right thing to do.  Jesus did not tell the soldiers to get out of the military, Jesus said to them be good, and don’t steal. 

One can and should defend one’s self from militants and people who want to make you sin, defense is necessary and correct.  It is incorrect to state that you must allow a person to do X to you, or allow a person to do Y to you.  Defense is correct, we don’t serve man or each other, we serve Jesus.  Avoiding sin, by defense is correct.

Jesus did not promise to keep our bodies perfect, Jesus promised to keep our souls and indirectly our spirits unharmed.  Man can not alter or touch another’s soul, or spirit.  The spirit will heal, maybe or maybe not the body will.  The spirit, the soul is off limits to man.

A lot of issues come from believing the connotations of the Church rather than the actual denotations.  The Church’s teachings are strict yet they do at sometimes differ with generally held opinions of what they are.   

How to get out of the gutter, how to go to higher levels and maintain higher levels or standards:

Prayer.  The Rosary.  The Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Mass.  Those are the most powerful means available.  1000s of books could be written on why that is the best or how it is the best. But the fact is this, by wanting to go to a higher level, by not being pleased with the level you are on, implies that will alone can not do it, that reason alone can not do it, pray helps.  If you are at a lower level, do a consistent short prayer, even it means saying the name of Jesus once a day, the absolute basic.   

What to eradicate in your behavior? Anything really heinous first.  If you must masturbate, and that is a higher level than you are at, do so, it is not the ideal but it is a step up from hurting others.  Whether you have to masturbate 3 to 7 times a day, it is a step up–not saying this does not eradicate the need for a better solution, whether temporary or not.   Doing a step up behavior as a higher base, is not perfection is not the ideal is not what was asked by Jesus, but it is closer, and that is by definition better.  If you must stop saying bad words, do so.   

For the total wretch:

Say the name of Jesus once a day.  And remember while you do it, beer is made by monks.  Very good beer in fact.   The connotations of the Church or “good” are different from the facts of the Church or good.  The actual facts without the vitiated connotations is sometimes very different.