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Some special, intelligent force must be responsible for our creation

by Kristine

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This may sound a bit "deist-ic" but, isn't it true that the product of our creations are always something that is inferior to our intelligence? As of now, I don't think anyone has created something that is superior to their intelligence.

Something that could've created us must be some being that is greater than us, or far more intelligent...

There are also some complexities in nature that even science cannot yet explain. Like the creation of the universe. What are the odds that an explosion creates an entire galaxy consisting of intricate objects and life? All I know is that explosions cause destruction, not something that is productive and compound. I mean, if a typhoon sweeps over a junkyard, I dont think it will be able to create a functioning car-to say the least.

Some special, intelligent force must be responsible for our creation, including the life that surround us.