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For me, God has to work

by: Brandt

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Hmm.... I think that thinking is good.  However, as you say, God is unknowable, so too much speculation is fruitless.  What counts is faith.

You have faith that God may not exist or that God is irrelevant.  I have faith that God does.  I originally viewed your site because I had questions.  But the more questions I asked, the more you raised! :) 

Did King Herod kill the innocents?  You don't know!  He did a lot of other cruel stuff, turns out.  So it could be lost to history.  The speculation on both sides could spark eternal debate. 

What I think is each person has to make a choice to believe in the existence of God or not.  I choose to believe.  Not sure why, but I just do.  It's exactly that.  A choice.  It's like speculating whether the Habs[1] will win the Stanley Cup.  For some reason you have rabid Habs fans.  And it works. 

For me, God has to work.  My life with all its cancer, car accidents, dead siblings, job losses, etc. is a mess sometimes.  Yeah, God's a crutch, sure.  But at least I admit a limp.


  1. The Montreal Canadiens - a team in the National Hockey League - "Habs" as a nickname comes from the French word "habitants"