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Talk Back 84
I personally have seen the hand of God working

by: Walt Sparks

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I have been reading your web site some; I have been trying to expand my knowledge of the different faiths. I must admit that I really appreciate the humor contained here; I've been laughing for the last 20 mins.

I find that the bedrock of your belief is the non existence or intervention of God. Unknowable as you have put it. Well I have seen the hand of God working in the earth personally and through the study of history. For example: do you think it was just chance that Russia or America did not begin a world destroying nuclear war during the cold war? Many will never know how close it was to happening on more than a few occasions, some unintentional.

The starvation and disease in the world does not indicate the non-existence or non-intervention of God but rather the power of choice. Man has the right to choose against God, thereby allowing the curses of sin to dominate a culture or nation. I have studied a good bit and found that the further a people move from God the worse off they are in every way. (Haiti for example; the national religion is voodoo.)

The closer a people move to God the better off they are in every way.(America for example: "In God We Trust")

God has revealed Himself to me Through His Son Jesus Christ. He has also changed my life forever. Without my faith in God why would I want to go through the pains of this life???