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Talk Back 85
The Nature of the Universe

by: "Particle of the Universe"

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It is all the same - God or No God.  If you had no language, you could not name it. 

This moment is all there is.  Stop looking for the beginning - there isn't one.  We know we exist.

You say the universe is not intelligent.  It is at least as intelligent as one of us because science tells us that we are only an insignificant particle in the universe.  If an insignificant particle can reach self-awareness and reasonable intelligence, why shouldn't this show itself elsewhere. 

You are like children saying "this isn't fair, that isn't fair".  The universe does not need your commentary.   Earthquakes, floods, diseases, things that cause human suffering - you must realise that this has absolutely no effect on the greater universe or "God".  If our star dies, and it will, the universe won't miss it. 

One person says "God", another says "no God" - nothing changes, the world and the greater universe continue.  There is no difference between "God" and "No God".  The situation continues as it is regardless of your comments.  The universe is experiencing the moment, we are too. 

The potential for pain and suffering is necessary to experience anything at all - your science will confirm this.  Saying "it's not fair that the innocent suffer" - pleasure, pain, happiness, sadness, these are potential experiences and this is the nature of the universe.  All experiences are possible. This is the nature of all existence.  Eternal paradise "heaven" or eternal suffering "hell", this is telling us that these experiences are eternally possible. 

The "no God" people cannot remove suffering and the "God" people still have a "prison" for their damned.  For the "God" people a question - even on judgement day why will God still not achieve a perfect universe, there will still be bad people suffering in hell?  This is not much better than now.

We ourselves try to punish the bad and reward the good.  Can God not wipe evil, pain and suffering from the universe entirely?  The potential for suffering and the potential for happiness is the nature of the Universe