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Talk Back 89
Your demand for scientific proof will become irrelevant.

by: Ben

A discussion on this article has been opened in Debate and Discourse. Meditation 713 was written also as a partial response. Please feel free to add your own thoughts to the exchange of views via the contact page.

I felt inclined to share a couple of thoughts.

First, that I completely enjoy reading the thoughts of anyone who takes the time to articulate exactly what they believe or do not believe. It is commendable to take the time and effort. Second, that upon reading your answers to a variety of questions, it is quite evident that your views and those of all Agnostics are simply a more intellectually thought out and "enlightened" cop-out. Your position lies squarely upon your demand for proof before belief.

I will never feel insulted by your group, no matter how many "666" references or purposefully disrespectful non-capitalizations of "god" you may attempt to stick in my craw. I see them for what they are; a lashing out meant in retaliation for years of having to be confronted with the "stumbling block" which is Jesus Christ. He does solicit a response and a decision, to either accept or reject Him, so your irritation and consternation for this ought to be re-directed to Him; others are simply bearing witness, but I digress. Once you have personally encountered Him, your demand for scientific proof will become irrelevant. My faith is the evidence of things unseen, and I am quite comfortable with being unable to explain every detail of that which I experientially know to be true. I know there is a God, because despite your pointing out some of the more difficult to understand parts of nature, (all of which are the direct result of sin's destructive wake - creation was once perfect) the world is replete with beauty and order. It could have no more come about by chance than could a bomb going off in an auto parts store result in the formation of an automobile.

I surmise you will probably label my thoughts as "insults", and they are not meant to be. they are intended as the statement from one man who begs to differ with someone who denies the existence of One whom I know personally. You are entitled to your opinion, or lack of one. You'd better be right though!

As I do for everyone, I pray that one day you will have the same personal encounter I have had. It's never too late, but it requires humility. As long as your heart is beating, you have a chance to reach out to Him, and stop rejecting His existence simply because it would mean you'd be required to answer to someone other than yourself, which probably is the best way to describe your stance.

Hopefully you take these comments as I took yours, a healthy exchange of deeply felt views.