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Another Form of Agnosticism

by: Dan

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I Believe That You May Want To Consider Giving Information On The Other Form Of Agnosticism. I Believe That Creationism Is Undeniable However I Believe That The Creator Is Much Too Complex For Any Of Us To Understand. And The Belief That You Could Is Just Ludacris, I Decide What Is Right, And Wrong. I Decide How And What Is Appropriate. I Call Myself Agnostic, Because My Purpose, And Existence After Life Is Unknown. And As Long As I Am Alive It Is Not Possible To Be Known. I Respect Your Position However It Is Not Exceptable To Deny Your "followers" Information That May Help Them Lead Better Lives.                 

Take A Puzzle Put It In A Box Shake It For A Billion Years Is It Ever Going To Put Itself Together? No It Wont. And To Believe This World Came Together By Chance Its Just Crazy. Creationism Is Undeniable, Darwin Said It Himself.