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Selfless world wide

by: YN

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I often observe the situation of the people around, many people are often troubled, sad, angry, jittery mood, pain, anxiety, resentful, envious, angry, worried, complaining, it could not understand, it was not pleasing to the eye , negative, negative, pessimistic, and so, its root cause lies in people being selfish.

No one is selfish in the kingdom of heaven, so heaven full of joy, peace, harmony and warmth.

I am a Buddhist Temple in the grass to guide the journey of heaven set up a transfer station - a second home, one of the aims is to eliminate people's selfishness, in the old program, it is difficult to eliminate selfish, such as marriage and family living in The people are smuggled each individual, because you have selfish, but in the second home, I let the disintegration of their marriage and family Monastery grass and do nothing, coupled with the implementation of the second chaotic system management model homes, there is no status can be climbed, there is no honor to fight, no property can be divided into and avoid the object, not to engage the special relationship between people and not worry about their clothing, housing illness and death, so to eliminate the soil breeds selfishness, left down do? Can only enrich their spirit and soul and work hard, can only be happier in the entertainment game and work hard, can only bloom on their own good and the beautiful love of Prudential efforts, can only improve their own physical structure of the anti-life efforts, only the accumulation of merit and work hard to repay the debt, that is, in the traditional life of the program, each individual can only lower bound to the transformation of life, life in the new program, you can only walk one step towards heaven.

So, is not to say that entering the second home is not selfish people? The answer is no, people are selfish, because of the tradition to change the thinking and awareness, to change the habits formed in the old program, you also need to keep building spiritual garden, if a slow sublimation Monastery grass, often selfish, then the first Second homes are out mechanism, selfish person will eventually be eliminated, not self-eliminated program is to be eliminated.

Selfish people in the marriage and the family can not survive, selfish man can not live in a second home.

In fact, the teachings of Jesus Christ, the teachings of the Buddha Sakyamuni, the immortal teachings of Lao Tzu, the teachings of ancient sages, are teaching people to remove selfishness, however, these teachings of life without the appropriate procedures, it is difficult to the selfless The second home is fully implementing the teachings of the holy Buddha cents launched.

Selfishness is a barrier to heaven, in fact, selfishness is a barrier to a better life, a selfish person is never to enjoy the real happy, happiness, freedom, happy life.

Why are you angry? Because you are selfish ah!

Why are you giving and taking bribes? Because you are selfish ah!

Why are you so negative and pessimistic? Because you are selfish ah!

Why do you want your company to do business? Because you are selfish ah! ,

Why do not you do not like the gregarious collective life? Because you are selfish ah!

Why do you envy, anger, resentment? Because you are selfish ah!

Why do you love money, love the status, love fame? Because you are selfish ah!

Why are you getting married and has a wealth of occupation? Because you are selfish ah!

Why do you want to fight with people, to fight, Quduo, try to steal? Because you are selfish ah!

Why are you worried it could not understand it was not pleasing to the eye? Because you are selfish ah!

Why do you feel unhappy and unsettled life, the pain again and again? Because you are selfish ah!

Why do you want revenge? Why are so anxiety and fear? Why so unhappy? Because you are selfish ah!

Why do you always complain about others? Why do people always say bad things? Why do arteries non-gossip, because you selfish ah!

Is not it?

Therefore, a person, if you're looking for trouble and pain, then selfish point, the more you selfish, evil will be more; If you want to go to hell, to selfish it! As long as selfish, way to go to hell would have made you wish.

Therefore, a person, if you want to have a better life, if you want to go heaven, you must not be selfish; as long as you are selfless, Road to Heaven must have made you the ideal.