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Firmly take the road of God now

by: YN

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There is a life, enough to live comfortably, love a rich, body unharmed, smooth sailing.

There is a life, worry constantly, the pain again and again, the lack of caring, rough not smooth.

There is a life, flickering, with the starting with the fall, mixed, multi-event Nishun.

Why? Could it be the fate of the day? Is the age issue? Is a social problem? Family and friends of problem? Is the nature of the problem? Or are there not because of?

My understanding is, life is good or bad depends on what kind of life we ??walk the road. Same access to livelihood resources, it was fully acquired through hard work, it was the way by doing nothing to obtain the parasite, it was obtained through the exploitation of extortion, was obtained through corruption, theft, etc., was obtained through the phony way, get in different ways, experienced different life course, the realm of experience of different feelings, and the resulting outcome is different, of course, life is different.

The road of life ten million, which way is the best way of life?

My view is that the road of life is the best way to go God. To make a better life, well, left of God. Or, take the Word of God is beautiful in life the most reliable guarantee smooth, no other channel can not match God's way brings more happiness.

Is that really the case? We can go to observe, to experience, to practice, to verify.

My conclusion is that a person, if his life is smooth, beautiful smooth, and can say with certainty that he has been walking in God's Road to the; if his life is mixed ups and downs, then prove that moment he was walking in God trail, while walking in the other lane of; constantly worry if a person's life rough not smooth, to be sure, he has been away from the path of God, he had never walk in God's trail.

What's to prove my theory above conclusion?

I use several Word of God to try to prove the content, we see no reason.

An important way of God meaning is: harmony with nature, without any compulsion.

A person's life, if he go with the flow, revel and technology, with the nature and dynamic, random and the make, not forced, not force yourself, do not force others, come, let it come, go, let it go neither over-pursue, do not give up, met peach peaches, apricots met to eat apricots, not ambitious, not ashamed, not voluptuous, not lazy by nature, then, is basically his life would be easy, not there will be ups and downs, there will not be frustrated sad.

Another way of God meaning is: doing nothing, no fight, no me.

A person can live five-star hotel is not arrogant, but also peace of mind does not live in thatched cottages self-destruction, eating delicacies grateful, not tired of eating bread and water, everything and people do not fight, do not rob the past, not to refuse; go, do not nostalgia, do not bother to seek planning gain, are not satisfactory the joy of people are not happy, not greed, Rivers million Creek just take poured drink, but points to share with, but points to the greed for fame and fortune wealth, Anpinledao, often the others and everyone's interests first and put their own interests on a secondary position, so there will not be trapped against the rough.

The third path of God meaning is: love.

A person, not only the dedication request, to others just want to bring fun, happiness, freedom, happiness, people set up barriers, and without the shackles of repression and control are not others who do not opt ??for wins, does not restrict freedom of others, do not bully bully deceive others, not with people care about, do not abuse and killing of life, cherish all life, respect for all life, do not block someone else's Road, is willing to give up the achievements of their others, so, not an enemy, not be subject to hate, the smooth course of life accessible.

The fourth channel of God's meaning is: the letter.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, is God's messenger, who conveyed to us the information and will of God, Jesus teaches that the Kingdom of God just to take the word of God, we all need God will add to us, we do not need worry about tomorrow, no need to worry for the future is not necessary for their own clothing, housing concerns illness and death, all of God back to us arranged. As long as this letter is to smooth the road of life, life will be smooth, safe and accessible.

There are eight major content of the path of God, just over four connotations: Faith, Love, without me, no fight, inaction, conform to the natural, not forced, is enough to ensure that our life is well good. If our lack of faith in life, love, we went to promising, to fight, selfish, everything is not in harmony with nature but to force, then, life must be the worries pain, anxiety panic, frustrations will not ring true.

Readers to think of it? I said there is no reason?

If justified, immediately adjust the thinking consciousness, and firmly take the road of God now!