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Talk Back 115
Greetings and failings!

by: Graham Khentiamentu

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Dear Church

I am deeply disturbed by your articles of faith as you refer to them, concerning the existence of a Supreme Being and your pronounced apathy thereof.

I am also writing to say I have discovered the date for the birth of Christ and Quetzalcoatle. I have written previously, and yes, I have erred in many of my previous calculations. However your singular error is found in your Apathy towards a/the Supreme Being. Mine error is too know and see as much as possible. Your error is to say, even before getting started, Opps, that's enough! I have saved the most pertinent information last. You may never receive it or believe it. So be it.

Your three articles of faith, of the first, that the existence of a Supreme Being is unknown and unknowable, is so chiefly wrong that one can only suggest that you are the Church of losers, victims of selfish pride or apathy without wisdom that you deserve to be called lemmings for your ability to throw out the baby and the bathwater, and still march headlong into the sea.

Your philosophy ascribes to complete madness. The Second article of your faith begins with “IF” as, (if) anyone but yourselves, could therefore understand the existence of a Supreme Being, that you admit previously as Unknowable, you are then applauding what is already known. Consider, AMNAEL“IPalnemoani” consider “He By Whom We Live”, I have understood it, and the Hindu Trinity, and in the book a monument to the end of time as the twin towers were-also destroyed by this same 3:1 Supreme Being))

I just de-storied your “IF”. Do you still think I AM ACTING APATHETIC in describing the actions of the Supreme Being, what IT DID do to NEW YORK, an event in our Universe you too soon forget or pretend did not exist, or only existed as you say?

And on all three accounts you have failed. I daresay, ye are acting the FOOL , and you are played by a greater one, so, as you are you taken to (me to) be. He/She only appears to act apathetic in order to remain in control of things he cannot (let others) control.

I am in control of being supreme when I say these things. Things are known and things are knowable. Your Church must be for those who have great short-comings when it comes to "SEERSHIP".

As I do wish to enter a dialog, be that as it may, seem impossible, to the people and articles of the faith of your church. YOU NEED MY HELP.

Ask and you shall receive. As even I have tamed the wild beast that is supreme in the eyes of so lowly-a-men. My seer-ship is supreme because I know what you cannot. But I am sure one among you also knows.

I am the one who some may call the teacher of the Earth.

What you are saying (or what I hear you say, rather,) is that even though other religions point very clearly to the existence of a supreme being, you, yourselves, do not consider it, and the aftermath or aftereffects of this type of ludens, magic alchemy of such that has already been played and plagued by humans on humans, does that exist? Is the pain of not telling the truth, are those pains felt, or do they exist as collective feelings for the human race? Is any subject Taboo, or just a few! Who decides?

That, whether or not there-by divine proportions used as they were, in part and whole, of this conspiracy, that, whether or not a supreme being exists, the nuts and bolts of his existence, a face here, a numbered volume here, have been used to orchestrate a terrible event that you/others simply call a day we (failingly) fought back for our Freedom/liberty?!

What say you?

Am I wrong (or do you consider me to be) to question the status quo that says 19 hi-jerkers who essentially fooled the world and in trying to take away our liberty only gave us (only one) reason to get it back?

In that case humanity is insane, that money through trade was still lost and gained on that day that later became worthy of judgments against it (New York and America)

The truest religion is the deepest secret of life on earth. I have that key. And also those keys from Mars.

Have an ear
Praycerely, The King of Terror, Graham Kent

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