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Talk Back 121
Do you believe in Black Holes?

by: Dan Bruce

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An atheist friend, who came to the conclusion that there is no God during his college years in preparation for a career in astrophysics, recently called to say hello. As usual, our conversation covered a wide range of topics, eventually focusing on the only meaningful point of disagreement in our friendship, his atheism and my belief in God. Without rancor, and with his knowledge of my life-long appreciation of science and the scientific method, he asked me how I could believe in the God of the Bible without hard evidence of his existence, evidence that can be verified. In return, I asked him if he believed in Black Holes. Without pause, he answered affirmatively, that he did indeed believe without doubt in Black Holes. I reminded him that a Black Hole could not be seen directly, and thus his belief rested on the effects that a Black Hole causes at its boundary with the material universe that surrounds it. He agreed that was so. I continued by explaining that it was the same with God. We cannot see him directly, but we can perceive his existence based on the space-time effects we can see in our world that reveal him. My friend objected that the universe that we see all around us can be explained by science, so I clarified that the passive testimony of the universe was not the evidence I was talking about. I explained that the Bible contains active living evidence in the form of two-thousand year old predictive prophecy that has been exactly fulfilled in recent years. He admitted that such evidence, if true, would be worthy of consideration, so I explained it to him, and showed him how he could verify the evidence for himself. That is the essence of this book. It explains the single chrono-specific prophecy in the Bible that can be used to prove the existence of God in the space-time world that we inhabit today, using tangible evidence that can be verified by any open-minded skeptic.

Do you believe in Black Holes? If so, see ...

Proof of God: Hard Evidence for 21st Century Skeptics

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