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Talk Back 126
Hill Evidencism Religion Fundamentals

by: Michael Hill

This article was submitted as a 44 page pdf file. I have extracted just the first three chapters so you can get the flavour of the presentation of evidence which according to Mr. Hill proves the existence of the Gods. Then if you wish, you can view / download the entire package. jt

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Many people do not realize that various pieces of evidence currently exists that proves the existence of the Gods. I explain everything in two steps. First, I reveal the physical evidence and the historical evidence (one example is the Black Death). I explain why each example is evidence. Second, I use the evidence to reveal what the Gods want humans to know. I use words like “probably” when my information is supported by thoroughly-explained logic instead of divine evidence. Hill Evidencism Religion Fundamentals is easy to understand, even though the list of sources at the end is slightly more than half of the pages. Sometimes the list of sources is not republished because of space limitations. The religion that I will describe is called Evidencism. This is probably the first denomination of Evidencism, and it is called Hill Evidencism. A believer of Evidencism (Hill Evidencism) is called an Evidentian (Hill Evidentian).

Chapter 2: Historical Divine Evidence Definition

The top reasons for the Gods’ interference in human lives and in human society are teaching humans, directly helping humans, and altering the actions of humans. Most incidents of divine intervention are too subtle to be used as adequate proof of the Gods’ existence. Historical divine evidence is an unusual event, an event with unusual timing, or both that proves the existence of the Gods. Only one example of historical divine evidence is used in the next chapter because excellent examples of historical divine evidence are rare. More examples of historical divine evidence are used in much later chapters. Humans can use free will to do good things or bad things even though the Gods interfere in human lives and in human society. For example, humans exercise free will when they commit evil or immoral acts, and the Gods do not want humans to commit evil or immoral acts.

Chapter 3: Historical Divine Evidence Example

Two typhoons known as the two “divine winds” (or the Kamikaze) are historical divine evidence because both “divine winds” (typhoons) that occurred seven years apart had unusual timing for Mongol emperor Kublai Khan. Mongol emperor Kublai Khan ordered sea invasions of Japan in 1774 ADG (AD 1274) and in 1781 ADG (AD 1281). In the first Mongol Invasion of Japan, the Yuan forces had superior weapons. The Yuan forces (at least 23,000 troops) and the Japanese forces (10,000 troops) fought until they were interrupted by a storm that became a typhoon. In the second Mongol Invasion of Japan, the Yuan forces (140,000 troops) and the Japanese forces (40,000 troops) fought until they were interrupted by the second typhoon. During both typhoons, almost every Yuan troop was on their ship. Each typhoon caused heavy losses of Yuan ships and Yuan troops. One typhoon saving Japan would be a coincidence, and two typhoons saving Japan is divine intervention.

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Hill Evidencism Religion Fundamentals
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