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Document Replacement Policy

We recommend you save your initial documentation on a clearly marked floppy disk, CD, or DVD so that you can reprint it as necessary, and avoid requesting replacement.

Ordination and Degree certificates will be replaced on request by email at no charge. Generally, replacements are newly prepared and backdated to date of original issue because of improvements in document quality both in terms of style and wording. If you want copies of your orginal documents, please specify in the comments section of your request.

If you would prefer your replacement documents in hard copy by mail, this will cost you $50.00. Also, if you have requested too many sets of replacements, then you may be requested to "donate" $50 for mail delivery.

A donation for excessive replacements seems reasonable because I would have have already put considerable time and effort at no charge to you in providing previous documentation.

(Please use the regular contact form and provide as many details as possible, such as name, (approximate) date of issue, old email address as well as current email address, etc. This will enable me to verify you are the person ordained.)