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Needs of the Church

I ain't got no money, honey” - The Big Bopper

No, we are not asking for money here, but some assistance in managing aspects of the Church would be appreciated.

Our Needs

  1. We would appreciate any pro bono (that is free of charge - see quotation above) advice and representation from lawyers in any jurisdiction who would be prepared to assist in obtaining official recognition as a religion for The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic. [By official recognition, we mean that our ordained clergy would be recognized as having authority to perform legal marriages within the jurisdiction. This authority has already been obtained in most US states.] Our needs are focussed in countries with more restrictive regulations than the USA, especially Canada, the UK, Australia, and most countries of Europe. Any lawyer providing such services may use the designation Official Counsel of The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic.

  2. We have a continuing need for articles for publication so as have fresh content on the web site. Please consider submitting material to Reflections on Ethics, Meditations, Debate & Discourse; or if you disagree with us, for Talkback.

  3. For those who want to donate money - I have strongly discouraged this activity in the past. This is a personally funded initiative and the founder has an aversion to make himself financially accountable to anyone else. I suggest you use your money to promote Agnosticism in ways of your own. Alternatively, there is almost always a recovery effort going on for the latest natural disaster to hit the world. Donate your money generously to aid the relief efforts. That's not to say I won't accept money if you can figure out how to get it to me - but there are better things to do with it. I'll most likely spend it on a single malt.

  4. Donate a relevant book for review. As of December 2006, we will accept books specifically for review on the site. For details, please see A Miscellany 126.

  5. My bible - given to me as a Sunday School attendance prize in 1956 - is beginning to fall apart. If anyone wants to donate a new one...

If you wish to help, please Contact the Church

Our Thanks for Assistance Provided

Previously we had asked on this page for some submissions of logos for the Church and the University. As a result we now have a seal for the University of Nescience which is displayed on the University site and appears as a watermark on degrees, and for the Church a logo and a range of stationery elements which are available in the Clergy Resource Site. (Accessible by members only) Also, several graphics are displayed in the Links section for those who would like to use a banner to link their site to ours. For their efforts, David Boyer, Patriarch of Ohio, and Mark Eakin, Archbishop of Montgomery have both been designated Official Artist of the Church.

We would also acknowledge the support of John Karpf, Patriarch of Florida who for a number of years hosted early versions of the web site, message board, and chat room at no charge.

We thank Chris Kirby, Patriarch of Florida who currently hosted the message board for a number of years.

Thank you to those who donated time and resources in aid of the 2003 Essay competition.

Thanks to David Della Vecchia, who did the programming for our automated choir membership and unbaptism forms.